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Buying Your First Mattress - A Guide For Beginners

A cheap mattress might seem fine at first, but it won't last as long. Here's a guide to getting the right first mattress for your lifestyle, preferences, budget and situation.There are all kinds of options out there, from high end luxury mattresses to bargain basement mattress and boxspring sets. If you're just starting out, getting your first mattress can seem pretty daunting.Mattress SizeIf you wake up in the morning sleeping diagonally on your current bed, it's a good bet that you'll want a larger mattress. Having a bed partner can affect the mattress size you're going to need, as well as the type of mattress. All these factors will go into choosing the right mattress size.The first thing you're going to want to think about when buying a new mattress is your living situation. People who'll be moving their beds again and again need to think about the size and portability of their mattresses, especially when dealing with narrow halls and doorways, staircases, and tight corners.

Mattress TypeThere are a lot more different kinds of mattresses on the market than there used to be, from traditional innersprings to futon mattresses, futon hybrids, latex mattresses and memory foam options. If you expect to have to move your bed a lot, a futon style mattress might be a good choice.A mattress will feel different with one person on it than it will with two. People who toss and turn may find that foam mattresses work better for them than other types. If you aren't sure, take the time to try out examples of all these kinds of mattresses.FirmnessDifferent people prefer different things when it comes to how soft or firm their mattress is. The market has a wide range of options, from firm to super plush pillow tops, so it's possible for nearly anyone to find the mattress that's right for them. The best way to decide what you prefer is to head to the mattress store.Many couples choose to compromise on the mattress they get when this occurs. Some, however, choose a mattress that can provide different levels of firmness for each half of the bed.WhatsTheBest-Mattress is a website community that is committed to helping people learn about mattresses in an unbiased environment.Taking the time to choose the right mattress might be expensive and difficult to do. It's worth it in the long run. Everyone deserves a good night's sleep, that is why we are here.BudgetIt's important to look at the amount of money you have available to spend on a mattress, and stick to the correct sleepwell mattress price range. Just be aware of what a good mattress that fits your preferences will cost. Bargain hunting can be dangerous - if you see a product priced well below what you can normally expect for that mattress, be suspicious.