bulletproof fat loss - sara fat loss 30-day meal plan to accelerate fat loss on the ketogenic diet

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  • Bulletproof Fat Loss

    30-Day Meal Plan to Accelerate Fat Loss on The Ketogenic Diet

  • Introduction

    Chapter 1: How The Buttered Coffee Craze Got Started

    Chapter 2: The Elements of Bulletproofing Ketogenic Intermittent Fasting Anti-Inflammatory Timed Eating

    Chapter 3: The First Steps The Foods The Percentages The Shopping

    Chapter 4: Walking the Bulletproof Walk Things to Avoid Things to Add A Bulletproof Day Re-feed and Fast Bulletproof Sleep

    Chapter 5: The 30-Day Plan

    Chapter 6: Recipes High-Octane Coffee or Tea Avo-Deviled Eggs Baked Burgers Creamy Cauliflower Burger Salad Whatever Stove Top Dinner Creamy Broccoli Soup Greek Lemon Shrimp Sausage-Burger Balls Coconut-Crusted Chicken Salmon-Cuke Bites Shepherds Pie Cashew-Ginger Butternut Soup Carrot Fries

  • Baked Sweet Potato with Almond Butter Tuna Wrap Super Salad Mixed Berries Roasted Brussel Sprouts Garlic Shrimp Salad Tacos with Cauli-Tortillas Lamb Burger with Sweet Tater Bun Hamburger Soup Slow Cooked Ribs Sardine Feast Ground Beef and Cabbage Curry Ginger Roast Beef Thai Veggie Curry with Rice Sweet Potato Ginger Brownies Whatever Crock-Pot Dinner Bacon-Wrapped Cube Steak Roasted Brussels Sprouts Poached Salmon with Lemon-Zested Rice Zucchini Cheese Pulled Pork Taco With Cauli-Tortillas Avo-Shrimp Bowl Home-Made Gummy Creatures Sweet Potato and Egg Salad Orange Beef Stew Greek Lamb Meatballs Red Cabbage Side Tapenade Avocado Brussels Sprouts n Eggs Collard Greens

    Final Thoughts

  • You want me to drink buttered coffee you say.

    Are you crazy or just insane??

    Well..perhaps a little of both ..

    But the real definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and

    expecting different results.

    And Ill bet you a pound of bacon that youve been exercising, restricting your

    food intake, and fighting hunger and cravings on a daily basis for years with little

    to no results.

    But dont blame your willpower, your age, your genes or your metabolism.

    Theyre NOT the culprits here.

    The blame lies squarely on the healthy eating information that were been

    brainwashed into believing for the past 50 years.

    It is time to pack up all the things you think you know about metabolism, food, and healthy eating.

    Its time you became BULLETPROOF!

    If you are familiar with the Paleo diet or Ketogenic diet, then no doubt youve

    heard of buttered coffee made famous by author David Asprey. Being bulletproof

    means your combining a few of the most effective diets combinations ever


    This book will quickly and easily get you started on your bulletproof journey today so you can begin dropping fat quickly while improving all your health.

    Youll also find an easy-to-follow 30-day eating plan, along with delicious recipes

    to get you started.

    Believe me, buttered coffee is just the beginning of many things you will come to

    love about becoming Bulletproof!

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  • Chapter I: How The Buttered Coffee Craze All Got Started

    Dave Aspreys Bulletproof Diet, along with his New York Times best-selling book, come from his own journey to lose weight and regain his health. He was a very

    successful but overweight and unhealthy young man, who was doing everything

    right but getting absolutely nowhere. Flying in the face of conventional healthy

    eating, which wasnt helping him in any way, Asprey examined the hows and

    whys of the relationship between food, weight, and health.

    Using himself as a guinea pig, Asprey experimented with everything from raw

    foods to Himalayan meditation. At each step of his journey, he had medical tests

    run to see if what hed been told should happen actually had happened. Many of the results were disappointing, and some of them were very surprising. Asprey

    knew, however, that the key to unlocking health and weight control had to be out

    there somewhere. When he found things that seemed to work, he applied himself

    to finding out why they worked and how to make them work even better,

    accumulating both answers and new questions as he went along. In his book, The Bulletproof Diet (Rodale Books, NY, Dec. 2014), Asprey tells the story of his quest for health, how he found it, and how we can find it too.

    What Asprey discovered was that many of the currently popular eating protocols

    did, indeed, hold part of the answer. That is, they worked for many people due to

    one aspect of the plan. Through his bio-hacking, he combined those partial

    answers into a solution that is definitely greater than the sum of its parts. Thats

    why everyone is talking about it.

    Bulletproof is a finely tuned amalgamation of anti-inflammatory, intermittent

    fasting, ketogenic, and timed eating, and, put that way, it sounds more

    complicated than it really is. Its about understanding how to use food in general,

    and specific foods in particular, to make your body function at its most efficient.

    Its about using food to control your mind and your mood, as well as your body

    and your weight, instead of being a victim of the things you eat. You become

    bulletproof because youre in control, and your body is no longer able to take

    potshots at you unawares.

  • Part of implementing a bulletproofing your diet lies in understanding not just

    what youre supposed to do but also why. This gives you the knowledge to tweak the plan to your own best advantage to become more and more bulletproof. The

    biochemistry of the human body is tremendously complex, and its still only

    partially understood. New micronutrients, hormones, and interactions are being

    discovered and studied every day. Why arent you reading about this? Simply put,

    most of the cutting edge research in the past ten years has shown that a lot of

    what weve been told about eating and weight loss isnt quite true.

    Lets take the low fat = healthy equation as an example. In the 1950s, a scientist

    named Ancel Keys conducted a study to examine the correlation between

    different types of fat and heart disease. When published, the low-fat craze began.

    At last, we had a way to prevent heart disease! Both the medical establishment

    and the government began telling us that we could prevent the cardiovascular

    problems that could lead to heart attacks if we cut the fat in our diets. The food

    industry jumped on board with a myriad of low-fat products, and they still

    continue pumping them out today. Low fat = healthy was built into the food

    pyramid. All based on a study that suggested areas for further research.

    Whats the problem? Everybody knows that its true, right? Some later studies

    were able to duplicate Keys findings, but further examination raised questions

    about the data used (and not used) in Keys study, and the validity of his results

    came into question. Somewhere between Keys actual research studies and the

    concept of healthy eating promoted by the governments food pyramid, facts

    were misplaced, misunderstood, and misinterpreted. Keys wasnt looking at the

    dietary fat that we eat, he was looking at the fat we use to cook food, and at the difference cooking with saturated and unsaturated fats made to heart health.

    Many of the current diet trends towards high-fat eating were born from the

    knowledge that at least this one building block in the food pyramid was flawed.

    What about the others? Is