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  • Experts and professionals from across the Middle East will be discussing these trends and more at the BUILDING FUTURE LEARNING SPACES on 23 25 March 2015.

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    of enrolment in tertiary segment were females in 201260%

    39% to 69% increase in enrollment in UAE private institutions

    from 2000 to 2012

    The education sector in the GCC is set to be worth

    $96bnby 2015

    Saudi Arabia accounts

    for 75% of the gross enrolment in GCC

    Surge in disposable

    income middle-class will turn to private education

    3.1% CAGR in GDP per capita based on PPP from 2012 to 2019


    Average of 23 students per class in public schools in

    the UAE

    Average of 25 students per class

    in private education in the UAE

    50m expected GCCpopulation11schools with about 23,000 learning places opened in the UAE

    148 schools in 2011 +5 schools in 2012 +5 schools in 2013 +5 schools in 2014 +100 schools by 2020Dubai:

    2020 Projections

    Dubais Schoolsneed $1.5bn of

    private capital and 110,000 new school places

    by 2020

    From 2 millionprivate school

    places in 2012 to 4 million private school places in 2020 in the GCC

    70,000 expected

    students in Abu Dhabi by 2020

    Students in GCC to reach 13.7 million

    by 2020

    Pre-primary education:

    5.8% increase in 2013 to 7.4% increase in 2020

    Tertiary education:

    14.8% increase in 2013 to

    16.5% increase in 2020

    Primary & secondary

    education: 79.4% increase in 2013 to 76% increase

    in 2020

    BUiLDinG FUtUre LeArninG sPAces