buddhist art in ancient india ken house grade 9 visual arts

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  • Buddhist Art In Ancient India Ken House Grade 9 Visual Arts.
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  • Topics n Ancient India n The Buddha n Basics of Buddhism n Buddhist Art in India
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  • India in sixth century BC n India is thriving economically n Strangling Vedic Religion n Religious revolution
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  • The Buddha n Born as Siddhartha n A life of indulgence n The Great departure n Seeking the truth n The middle way n Enlightenment n Liberation
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  • Emperor Asoka (272-231 BC) n Alexander attempts to take India n The Mauryan empire takes control of India n Asoka is the third Mauryan emperor n Asoka supports Buddhism n Asokan columns
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  • Buddhism and Sanchi n The missionary cause n The stupas n The Great Stupa at Sanchi n Relief Stories
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  • Conclusion n Art was crucial to the success of Buddhism n Buddhism is all over the world in many forms n Buddhism is the fastest growing religion in the West Today


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