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  • providing quality people

    The Catch 22 Group

    Catch 22 2015

    Executive recruitment



  • providing quality people

    Our values

    COLLABORATION Working in partnership with our clients and

    candidates for mutual benefit

    CAPABILITY Providing the people and expertise our clients

    need, when they need them

    COMPLIANCE Maintaining the highest standards to give our

    clients and candidates peace of mind

    COMMUNITY Creating a positive impact in the communities

    we serve and the causes we support

  • providing quality people

    We are the agency that talks to you, takes a detailed order,

    gets all the small things right, meets and interviews the staff

    and offers quality customer service throughout the process.

    Quality comes as standard. We utilise technology to improve

    our service NOT replace it.

    Vince Parker, MD of Catch 22

  • providing quality people

  • providing quality people

    Executive recruitment

  • providing quality people

    A focussed service dedicated to identifying exceptional individuals to fill top ex-

    ecutive roles who will help form, implement and deliver strategy, realising the cli-

    ents vision for success. Our senior search consultants have in excess of 60 com-

    bined years of exposure to the market and a wealth of industry knowledge.

    Our involvement with the top professional echelons of FM, Estates and Property

    Management gives us the insight necessary to source the very best candidates,

    both selectively and discreetly.

    From a senior candidates viewpoint, Catch 22 can offer advice and help plot their

    course to a career goal through our network of contacts.

    In general, candidates in this sector would command annual salaries from 30k

    to 100k+

  • providing quality people

    At Catch 22, our decades of experience in the recruitment of Facilities and Property Man-

    agement professionals ensures that we understand how our clients operate, their corpo-

    rate culture and personality, so that only the most appropriate candidates for any posi-

    tion are put forward.

    We research our candidates, ensure that their background, experience and qualifica-

    tions are right, perform skills testing and personality profiling, always with you, the cli-

    ent, in mind. We apply the same exacting standards at all levels of the skills spectrum.

    Catch 22 does the hard work so you dont have to.

    Catch 22 will take your picture of the ideal candidate and seek them out. So whether

    youre looking to fill a permanent position or have a project to complete or need to cover

    an interim requirement, one call is all it takes.

  • providing quality people

    Theres never been a tougher time to find the right hard services engineers and

    management but they are vital for the smooth service delivery your clients de-

    mand. As our built environment becomes ever more complex, skilled people with

    up to date knowledge can make all the difference.

    As a major recruiter to the FM and property industries, Catch 22 is able to source

    skilled engineers and managers across the wide variety of disciplines involved in

    ensuring your buildings are happy and healthy places to work.

  • providing quality people

    Nowadays, compliance is an integral part of every business. Being up to speed in

    the areas of safety, health, quality and environmental legislation is essential to

    providing a compliant service and workplace. Catch 22 offers a best practice re-

    cruitment solution to identifying qualified practitioners who can ensure that your

    business is operating to optimum capability in these areas.

    For smaller enterprises, these responsibilities often fall to the FM to implement

    and administer. Its therefore critical that your next FM has the right experience

    to deal with them effectively.

    Selected as one of only four suppliers of SHQE personnel and management to

    Transport for London, Catch 22 is ideally placed to find the right person for your


  • providing quality people

    Office Recruitment

  • providing quality people

    Your office team provides your company with vital support to keep your business func-

    tioning smoothly. Any disruption to that support can have a severe effect on your core

    operations; holidays, illness and increased demand are just some of the variables that

    will affect the quality and delivery of that support. Catch 22 can help you plan the solu-

    tion to such occasions.

    The staff you need, when you need them - Post room Operatives, Receptionists, Admin

    Assistants, Switchboard Operators, Archivists, Filing Clerks, Help Desk Operators, Repro-

    graphics Staff, CAD Planners, Moves Co-Ordinators, Facilities Assistants in fact, the

    whole range of office-based skills you need.

    As a guide , staff in this sector would generally earn salaries of between 15k and 30k

  • providing quality people

    Support Recruitment

  • providing quality people

    If your operation needs good old-fashioned muscle, regularly or occasionally, Catch 22 is

    here to help. Sometimes, planning your staffing needs is clear cut because you know

    what you need to achieve, by when and at what cost. Other times, the goalposts are

    moved and you need to respond quickly to a new, unexpected or re-scheduled deadline.

    Thats where we can step in.

    Our reputation is built on supplying a whole range of quality temporary staff, often at

    short notice. Over the years, our dedicated service has seen industrial22 become the

    first choice supplier of temp staff to a myriad of blue-chip companies and organisations,

    from small operations to large multi-nationals. Why? Because we are trusted to deliver

    on time, to a high standard and at a value for money price.

    Staff operating in this sector would generally attract salaries from Minimum Wage up to


  • providing quality people

    If your business relies on having quick access to reliable, customer-centric staff

    for events, big or small, Catch 22 is the number to call.

    Our experience in supplying staff to sporting events, concerts, social functions,

    shows and exhibitions means you can book your staffing requirements with com-

    plete confidence.

    For bar and waiting staff, kitchen help, porters, leaflet distributors, facilitators,

    exhibition stand assistance, car park staff and all kinds of customer service per-

    sonnel, Catch 22 has it covered.

    Your reputation is important, your standards are high; you need a staff supplier

    who can match and exceed those standards, delivering exceptional service to

    your customers that supplier is Catch 22.

  • providing quality people

    Other services

  • providing quality people

    Catch 22 has been operating its Staff Outsourcing division since 1998, aimed pri-

    marily at Property Management companies who operate manned buildings but

    who would rather not have the headcount burden or dont have the Human Re-

    sources capability to administer such staff.

    Put simply, Catch 22 takes on the employment of site staff such as Building Man-

    agers, Estates Managers, Caretakers and Receptionists under an agreement with

    you, the client and with due regard for any TUPE issues. We then administer all

    facets of payroll, personnel issues and offer advice on training and other HR mat-

    ters. Most importantly, operational control remains firmly with you, the client.

  • providing quality people

    C22 Training presents two essential sessions for those starting out and for those

    looking to progress.

    Personal Development making the most of your personal brand

    Managing Others Practical workshop

    Workshops facilitated by Annelise Cruickshank, Vince Parker and Don Searle. An-

    nelise has over 20 years experience in training and coaching across a wide sector

    and at all organisational levels. Vince has over 30 years of client facing experi-

    ence coupled with an intrinsic understanding of the power of networking. Don

    has had a long career in the Hospitality, Facilities Management and Recruitment

    industries and leads the C22 approach to social media.

  • providing quality people

    Catch 22s Managed Services Division is dedicated to making life easier for our

    clients. Its designed to provide a Total Solution tailored to your need for flexible

    human resources. We can help you assess the way in which you deal with your

    current resource providers and ensure your business objectives are met.

    Single source for supply of all temporary staff, irrespective of classification

    Supplier negotiates all rates with 3rd party suppliers

    Preferential hiring rates

    Volume discounts

    Dedicate account/relationship management team

    Agreed service levels

    Regular reviews

    Reduced workload/pressure on HR and Accounts depts.

    Working with a well established and experienced partner

  • providing quality people

    Our Minor repairs division operates similar to a service provider but promises to save

    you money and, with all staff available at short notice and around the clock. With

    many of your organizations minor repairs able to be dealt with within the s