britney blanchard advisor: dr. junkun ma et 494 final presentation

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  • Britney Blanchard Advisor: Dr. Junkun Ma ET 494 Final Presentation
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  • Main Goal: To produce ethanol from biomass in the most efficient and cost effective way. Build and test a small prototype of the large scale biomass ethanol production plant that Southeastern wants to build on campus Research the individual processes and their components to find the best combination to produce ethanol that is efficient and cost effective Compile a materials list and build the prototype Perform experiments and collect data to determine the best route.
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  • Pretreatment: Breaks Cellulose into Sugar Fermentation: Turns Sugars to Ethanol Distillation: Separates Ethanol from Mixture
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  • Chemicals: Sulfuric Acid Tryptone Sodium Chloride Yeast Extract Potassium Hydroxide Safety Equipment: Lab Coat Safety Goggles Acid Resistant Gloves Oven Gloves Equipment: 1000mL Beaker Graduated Beaker Set Graduated Cylinder Set Thermometer Glass Stir Rods 1000mL Distillation Kit Hot Plate Hot Plate Stirrer Magnetic Stir Bar (3)Lab Scoop Glass trough Glass Fiber Filter Digital Scale Electric Autoclave Deionize Water Filter
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  • Material ordered Some damaged
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  • Pretreatment: Mixture needs to be surrounded with heat when heating by using an oven or oven-like device To make diluted sulfuric acid, be sure to add the acid to the water Add as much grass as possible to the diluted acid, but be sure that all the grass is submerged Fermentation: Autoclave the mixture to assure it is sterilized Distillation: Setup needs to have a short path to assure the condensed liquid will travel to a separate container
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  • 9-10 weeks: Multiple trial experiments performed, data collected, and improvements made to produce optimal process 3 weeks: Compile list of design specifications for the large scale production plant Now that the route runs smoothly, variables intend to check: Time Temperature Chemical Concentrations
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