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British Council IELTS Online Application

IELTS Application: SummaryONLINE APPLICATION RECEIVEDThank you for submitting your application. You will now receive an acknowledgement email that contains the summary and terms and conditions of your application. Please note: to complete our application, ou MUST pa for our test place, and send all supporting documents to our test centre b the stated deadline. If ou do not do this b the stated deadline, our application will be cancelled. Print this page

Bring in person or send b post to the British Council office in Tbilisi the following documents to arrive, at the latest, on the 5th da after registering for the test: a signed print-out of your application summary, two recent identical passport-size (3 cm x 4 cm) photographs, (Note: Before registering, please check the photo standards at under registration section. The photographs should be signed on the back with the name and surname of the candidate), a copy of your valid ID or passport, a copy of your bank payment receipt. (Note: We only accept payments made by bank transfer. If payment is not made within 5 days, you will receive an automatic e-mail giving notice of the cancellation of your registration. Payment instructions are given below).

IELTS Test DetailsYou have selected the following IELTS test module: IELTS Reference No.: Module: Date: Fee (GEL): Town/City: Academic 21 January 2012 237 Tbilisi GE001-09879-01090

You have submitted the following candidate details: .asp


1/10/12Na e: Add e : M R 0105 Tbi i i Ge gia Da e f Bi h: Ge de : C Fi f O igi : La g age: 16 Feb a Ma e Ge gia Ge gia a e 1982 a A ha aia a e4

British Council IELTS Online Application

G dia h i i S

E ai : C ac : :

a @g ai .c

995557914636 Pa 07AD95449 Ye Tbi i i (GE001) 10 Dece be 2011

Ide ifica i N be :

IELTS Ta e Bef e: Ce Da e: e:


ac De aie d c e , a e ie a ha e, :

P ea e e d

British Council Tbilisi 34 R a e i A e Tbi i i 0108 Opening Times M da : 09:30 a 09:30 a 09:30 a 09:30 a 09:30 a C C e: ed ed - 13:00 - 13:00 - 13:00 - 13:00 - 13:00 a d 13:30 a d 13:30 a d 13:30 a d 13:30 a d 13:30 - 17:00 - 17:00 - 17:00 - 17:00 - 17:00 T e da : Wed e da : Th Sa S da : da : da : F ida : e, Tbi i i 0108, Ge gia

Te e h E ai : Web:

+995 (32) 2 25 04 07 +995 (32) 2 98 95 91 ie h .ge gia@ge.b i i hc :// .b i i hc ci . g -ie -14.h ci . g/ge-e a

Fac i i e:



I f

aiIELTS e IELTS e i g i hi 5 e f he i g da e h d be f da . . P ea e e: Y

How To Pa P ea e a f a f

Bank Transfer Ma e a e h Bank Name: Acco n Name: Acco n N mb er: Branch Code: Bank Code: SWIFT/BIC:



he f

i g acc


Ba f Ge gia Bii hC ci GE42BG0000000300313800 BAGAGE22 .asp


1/10/12IBA : Note IELTS Test fee is:

British Council IELTS Online ApplicationGE42BG0000000300313800

For candidates registering ithin Georgia 237 GEL (equivalent of 90 GBP according to the British Council Januar 2012 rate). For candidates registering from o erseas 142 USD (equivalent of 90 GBP according to the British Council Januar 2012 rate). In USD please pa b direct credit to: Intermediar Bank: Citibank N.A. New York, USA, Swift: CITIUS33 Account with Institution: Bank of Georgia 3, Pushkin Street, 0105 Tbilisi, Georgia Swift: BAGAGE22 Beneficiar : British Council Account number: GE42BG0000000300313800 Please make sure that the Candidate Name, IELTS and E am Date is indicated in the Description field on the pa ment slip (e.g. N. Dolid e, IELTS, 24.09.2011). .asp



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