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  • BreakfastAED









    Arabic Breakfast

    Choice of freshly squeezed juice, warm Arabic bread, zaatar Croissant,labneh, shanklish, feta cheese, cucumber, cherry tomato, mixed olives and pickles,green or red shakshouka served with grilled tomato, mushroom, breakfast potatoand foul modamas.

    Eggs as You Wish

    Fried, scrambled, red or green Shakshouka, poached or omelette served with breakfastpotato, grilled Dutch tomato, mushroom, veal or turkey bacon and chicken or veal sausages.

    Classic Poached Eggs

    Benedict: Turkey ham on toasted English muffin with hollandaise sauce.Florentine: Welted baby spinach on toasted English muffin with hollandaise sauce.Norwegian: Smoked salmon on toasted English muffin with Hollandaise sauce.

    Chefs Special

    Soft poached egg, sliced avocado on toasted English muffin with rocket leaves and olive oil.

    Pancake Stack

    Three buttermilk pancakes with whipped cream, wild berry compote, Canadian maple syrupdusted with cinnamon sugar.

    Belgian Waffles

    Whipped cream, wild berry compote, Canadian maple syrup dusted with icing sugar.

    Bircher Muesli

    Toasted oats, fresh and dried fruits, organic wild honey, roasted nuts and low fat yogurt.

    Grilled Halloumi Platter

    Served with sliced cucumber, cherry tomato, watercress, mint leave and black olive.

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    DailyAEDTempt your taste buds and experience an assortment of finelycrafted bite size creations prepared by our chefs.

    Continental Breakfast Table

    Selection of pastries and bakery items: croissants, Danishes, muffins, herbalTea, coffee, fresh orange juice and mineral water.

    Weekdays, from 7 am to 11 amWeekends, from 7 am to 2 pm

    The Afternoon Tea

    Savor homemade dessert delight prepared by our chefs. Choose from a selectionof petit fours, tarts, cakes, cookies, bonbons, baklavas and macaroons,complemented by coffee, tea or juice of your choice.

    Daily, from 3 pm to 6 pm

  • Sandwiches AED







    Assorted Burger Sliders

    Minced US Angus beef, aged cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and caramelized onion.Marinated chicken breast, grilled pineapple and butter lettuce.Camel tenderloin, kashkaval cheese and sauted mushroom.

    Served with homemade potato chips.

    The Address Club Sandwich

    Roasted turkey breast, lettuce, cheddar cheese, sliced avocado, Portobello, pesto mayo, mushroom spread on ciabatta bread. Served with baked potato wedges and mix leaves salad.

    Halloumi Sandwich

    Grilled halloumi, brown bread, spinach, sundried tomato and basil dip,served with green salad on the side.

    Salmon on Brown Bagel

    Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, sliced avocado and rocket leaves.

    Grilled Chicken Sandwich

    Boneless marinated chicken breast, tomato spread, brie cheese and rocket leaves.

    Croque Monsieur

    Turkey ham, white sliced bread and gruyere cheese, served with French fries and green salad.

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    Main courses AEDGrilled Lamb Chops

    Herb marinated lamb chops, caramelized onion and mushroom couscous,braised saffron vegetables and lamb jus.

    Spinach Tortellini

    Spinach ricotta tortellini with creamy tarragon sauce, parmesan cheese and pesto drops.

    Panko crusted salmon

    Pan-seared salmon fillet, served with steamed broccoli, fennel and tomato salad and teriyaki sauce.

    Arabic Mixed Grill

    Shish Tawouk, Shish kebab,lamb chops served with oriental rice and garlic sauce.

    Wagyu beef

    Beef fillet, potato and mushroom pure, green and white asparagus, baby beetrootserved with truffle beef jus.

  • AppetizersAED




    Chefs Special Bites

    Cranberry, brie cheese and beef carpaccio roll.Tomato, bocconcini and balsamic vinegar.Grilled eggplant and pomegranate tartlet.Iberico ham and pears.Marinated shrimp with pineapple.

    Cold Mezzeh Sampler

    Hummus, baba ghanouj, warak enab, mohamaraserved with toasted Arabic Bread.

    Selection of Hummus

    Assorted of hummus Bayrouti, basil, truffle and beetroot served with toasted Arabic bread.

    All prices are inclusive of 10% Service Charge, 10% Municipality Fee and 5% VAT.

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    Salads AEDQuinoa and Kale Salad

    Tender steamed kale, quinoa, baby spinach, pomegranate seeds and parmesan cheese.

    Falafel Salad

    Spring onion, fresh pomegranate, oven dried cherry tomato,chickpeas, Rocca leaves and pita crisps.

    The Address Caesar Salad

    Baby gem, crispy turkey bacon, parmesan cheese, white anchovies.



    Prawns Salad

    Tiger prawns,mango salsa, semi dried tomato, lemon dressing.

    Live Lobster Salad

    Lobster tail, baby carrot, avocado, mango and Cilantro Salsa.

    Nicoise Salad

    Baby gem lettuce, cherry tomato, French beans, Kalamata olives, la ratte potato,shaved onion, quail egg, Spanish tuna and French dressing.

    Goat Cheese Salad

    Goat cheese salad on toast Campagne bread, tomato and walnut.

    All prices are inclusive of 10% Service Charge, 10% Municipality Fee and 5% VAT.

  • DessertAED






    Your Choice of Kallaj

    Pistachio, cream or cinnamon walnut.

    Rice Pudding

    Strawberry, banana, honey and pistachio.

    Date Sticky Pudding

    Served with vanilla ice cream.

    Umm Ali

    Traditional Egyptian dessert made of puff pastry, baked milk with nuts and raisins.

    Exotic Fruit Platter

    Grapes, watermelon, sweet melon, pineapple and berries.

    All prices are inclusive of 10% Service Charge, 10% Municipality Fee and 5% VAT.

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    Grand Classic TeaAEDEnglish Breakfast

    This classic was originally blended as an accompaniment to the traditionalEnglish breakfast. Very strong fullbodied with light floral undertones, thisTWG broken-leaf black tea is perfect with morning toast and marmalade.

    French Earl Grey

    A fragrant variation of the great classic, this TWG black tea has been delicatelyinfused with citrus fruits and French blue cornflowers.

    Jasmine Pearls

    A suave cup of elegantly fragrant Chinese green tea lavishly blended with TWG jasmine blossoms.The tender, silvery buds are intricately rolled into pearls and then, dried amid fresh,aromatic jasmine flowers. The pearls magically unfurl in the teacup.

    Moroccan Mint

    A great favorite, this fine TWG green tea is perfectly blended with suave and strong Sahara mint.A timeless classic.

    All prices are inclusive of 10% Service Charge, 10% Municipality Fee and 5% VAT.

  • TWG TeaAED




    TWG Tea, the finest luxury tea brand in the world, was founded in Singapore. Offering an unsurpassedtea list of over 1000 Different Single estate harvests and exclusive blends from every teaproduction Country.

    This exceptional TWG collection is composed of carefully selected single estate teas from the mostcelebrated regions of the world and exclusive teas blended with the finest natural fruits,flowers and spices. Each unique, whole leaf tea will send you on a voyage of discovery.

    ChinaEmperor Pu Erh

    Recognized for its medicinal qualities, this TWG matured tea yields a strong and earthy fragrance,with a warm taste of terroir. A perfect tea after a meal.

    Chun Mee

    Renowned for the finesse of its plum-like sweetness and smoothness, this translucentTWG green tea has a distinct, strong and lasting aroma.

    JapanSencha Meicha

    A majestic and noble tea from the Shizuoka region. This delicate, grassy TWG tea conveys a senseof serenity that is characteristic of only the finest quality Japan green teas. An afternoon delight.

    All prices are inclusive of 10% Service Charge, 10% Municipality Fee and 5% VAT.

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    Soft and soothing, these rare TWG tea chamomile flowers boast a rich honey aroma and yield a golden, thane-free cup.

    Specialty Blended For Karat

    Luminescent, silvery tips of white tea lend their calming flavorto this gentle blend specially created for Karat with green tea and rare mints. A brilliant and pure tea of reflection.

    Hot BeveragesArabic CoffeeEspressoDouble EspressoAmericanoLong BlackCappuccinoFlat WhiteCafe LatteMacchiatoTurkish CoffeeFrench PressMochaWhite MochaSyphon coffee

    Solo HerbsAED


    All prices are inclusive of 10% Service Charge, 10% Municipality Fee and 5% VAT.

  • Exclusive Tea BlendsAED






    Silver Moon

    A TWG blend of green teas accented with a grand berry and vanilla bouquet.Suave, with just a hint of spice. A tea for that special moment.

    Spice Route

    A slow, majestic voyage of fragrances and flavors, this TWG green tea is inflected with full-bodiedtonalities of ginger, reminiscent of the ancient voyages of merchants of the East.A tea to appreciate on a journey.

    Oud Night

    A precious fragrance that warms the evening air, laden with a rich infusion of rare calambac,incense and smoky black tea. Dissolving into an earthy potion of molten resin,cedar and smoldering tea flowers, Oud Night Tea is an ardent offering a luxuriant and incandescentdream of sweet eternity.

    Savannah Dawn

    A fragrant meadow of sweet decaffeinated green teas blended with the tart notes of rare maracuyaand ripe mango. A fragrant tea to enjoy from sunrise to sunset.

    White Tea BlendWhite Mist

    A blend of liquid pearl, a nosegay o


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