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First Issue January 2016



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    Classifi eds 19Senior Information Page 20

    Bradford JournalP.O. Box 17, Bradford, PA 16701-0017

    www.bradfordjournal.comPhone: 814-465-3468

    VOL. 175 NO. 1 BRADFORD JOURNAL/MINER THURSDAY JANUARY 7, 2016 Bradford Journal/McKean County Miner/Mount Jewett Echo Phone 814-465-3468

    Bradfords Weekly Newpaper $1.00

    Bradford Journal

    Bradford Journal PhotoYoung children played at the shallow end of the pool during this First Night First at the Bradford Area YMCA, December 31st. In the water, from the left to right are Raelin Meacham 9, and her friend Cosette Sowers 9, Joe Thacker 6, Jeffrey Thacker 12, Mat-tie Wilcox 6, and Taylor Kline 6. Sitting at the right side, on the ledge of the pool is Nik Kline 5. They were all having a great time walking and fl oating around in the water or enjoying others doing so from the sidelines, on New Years Eve.

    New Years Eve At The Family YMCA Pool

    Bradford Journal PhotoYoung couple Amanda Diaz and Nate Gustafson, along with the son of a friend, Ashton Winsor 8, were in attendance near Veterans Square, December 31st during the First Night Bradford 2016 celebration. Here they pose for a photo as the fi re-works were just getting started. (See more pictures and videos in the photo gallery.)

    A Little Photo Memory

    Bradford Journal PhotoVocalist Anneliese Wolfanger on her acoustic guitar and Jacob Mosier on his banjo gave a great performance during this Bradford First Night 2016 venue, December 31st in the First Baptist Church sanctuary. They were the fi rst place winners of the 2015 First Night Star Search competition. (See more pictures and videos in the photo gal-lery.)

    Winners Of First Night Star Search Contest

  • Page 2 Bradford Journal & Miner Thursday, January 7, 2016


    Thursday, Jan. 7:Partly sunny today with a high of 39.

    ThursdayNight:Mostly cloudy tonight with a low of 25.


    Friday, Jan. 8:Mostly cloudy today with chance of light rain. High of 42.

    Friday Night:Rain showers likely to-night with a low of 33.

    Saturday, Jan. 9:Cloudy today with a chance of rain showers. High of 43.

    Saturday Night:Cloudytonight with chance of rain showers. Low of 33.

    Sunday, Jan.10:Cloudytoday with a chance of rain showers. High of 38.

    Sunday Night:Considerablecloudiness tonight with occasionalsnow and fl urries. Low of 26.

    Monday,Jan. 11:Cloudyand colder today with a high of 33.

    Monday Night:Cloudytonight with achance of evening fl urries. Some snow late. Cold with a low of 19.






    Tax Time Is ID Theft Season; Get Your Credit Report (NAPSI)Its tax time again. The Fed-eral Trade Commission notes that one-third of all ID theft complaints it receives are tax related, three times as large as any other type of ID theft. So tax season is a good time to review your personal fi nan-cial records and ensure they are accurate and there are no unknown or erroneous data in them. One record youll want to review is your credit report. It can alert you to ac-counts that might have been opened by ID thieves. You are entitled to a free annual copy of your credit report from each of the three nationwide credit bureaus: Equi-fax, Experian and TransUnion. Just go to

    Pratt. After you get your credit report, make sure all the accounts are yours. If you see one that you dont recognize or an account that has an error, contact the credit bureau. You can also contact the creditor or lender that provided the information to the credit bureau and let them know about the issue. In a number of situations, informa-tion you provide the credit bureau will be sent to the lender. The lender will verify whether the information is correct or not and then the credit bureau will notify you of the results. If theres information that needs to be updated, the credit bureau to get your free report. The credit report gives consumers an excellent comprehensive overview of their outstanding credit obligations, says Stu-art K. Pratt, president and CEO of the Con-sumer Data Industry Association. While the lenders and credit bureaus have a num-ber of sophisticated security protocols in place to inhibit identity theft and fraud, there can still be instances where a crimi-nal with access to your personal informa-tionas in the IRS data breachcan re-sult in a problem. Monitor your fi nancial relationships. The credit report is one of the easiest and best ways to do that, notes (Continued on page 6 )

    Bradford Journal PhotoEarly on New Years Eve, December 31st, children and their parents congregated at the Bradford Area Public Library for a party that included food, games, and a ball drop at 12 Noon. Here Kendra Jackson 11, pulls the ribbon to help drop the ball. The ball was dropped in 10 increments representing a 10 second countdown from 10 to 1. Kendra was number 6. The two-hour event, a First Night First was well attended.

    New Years Ball Drop At Noon For Children

    Bradford Journal PhotoChoko Kimura Aiken, internationally known jazz musician, well known to Bradfordians for her previous appear-ances here, took the stage once again dur-ing First Night Bradford 2016 at the First Church of the Ascension sanctuary, De-cember 31st. She greeted the crowds in her same bubbly manner and engaged the audience with her jazzy arrangements of well-known tunes. (See more pictures and videos in the photo gallery.)

    Choko Engages Crowd

  • Bradford Journal & Miner Thursday, January 7, 2016 Page 3

    5 ENTS WORTH by Grant Nichols Its A Matter Of Opinion...

    Guest ColumnistRate Hike

    -by Bob Perry

    The Federal Reserve announced mid-December that the new target benchmark rate will change from zero to between 0.25 and 0.50 percentage points. This hike is the fi rst since 2006 and so-far there is little evidence signifi cant rate changes in the mortgage market with Freddie Macs market survey revealing a slight up-tick of 30-year fi xed-rate mortgages from 3.93% to 3.96% in the latest two-week period. This is a sign that Fed Chair Janet Yellen and her advisors are moving away from stimulating the economy which is contrary to other central banks like Tokyo continu-ing to generate growth through economic stimulus. Any increases in the rate will be much smaller than the decreases we experienced in past years. The effects on the housing market will play out but we can expect the rates to remain at historic lows through most of 2016. The reasons why a rate in-crease at this time is justifi ed are some-what confusing. The GDP (Gross Domes-tic Product) for example is projected to be 1.3 for the fourth quarter with the fi rst quarter of 2016 to be even lower. A most important issue is the labor participation rate which is at 62.5% which is near the low some 38 years ago. The all-time high rate was 67.3% in 2000 and the all-time low was 58.1 in 1954. The non-govern-ment or civilian labor force participation

    rate is the total of unemployed looking for a job plus the employed as a percentage of the population over the age of 15. As of December 19th, the weekly claims for unemployment was still trending at a near the 42 year low and in itself is a clear sign that the bottom was reached as the labor force has been trimmed to the bone with the unneeded gone for some time. Note that some 2.2 million are still receiving unemployment benefi ts. Employers are facing increasing costs related to the re-porting, disclosure and notifi cation re-quirements of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) and expect some more trimming of marginal employee to cover the additional costs. The Cadillac Tax kicks in in 2016 and the unions that supported the ACA are regretting the inclusion of this tax which imposes more than a 25% increase on such plans. Surely plans to avoid the tax are being worked on as revisions are pos-sible with the infl uence peddling that goes on in Congress. It seems that business has yet to stabilize and has the FED made a preemptive move that it will regret as plans are to increase the rate a few times in 2016? We fi nd our-selves traveling on a economic road un-charted and the fi scal outcomes will not be what we have hoped for; a free economy and a free country.

    For those who might have missed the First Night Bradford 2016 event on New Years Eve, December 31st, and for those who were there but didnt have time to see and take part in all of the venues, this weeks Bradford Jour-nal including its associated photo gal-lery should be a real treat. While we could only run twenty photos on the pages of this issue, the gallery contains all the rest, along with a good number of videos taken during the various performances. Our apologies to the following people whose photos we could not include: Er-ica Brooks and her 6-year-old son Ryan, whose family was at the Byllye Lanes First Night First; John Hannahs whose brother-in-law and family were here from Columbus, OH, who were at the Callahan Skate Park; Jimmy Plowwe, Stephen Tin-gley, and Max Greenberg who were at the Callahan Skate Park; PJ McGarry and his family, Garrett Everson, Brook Everson, Lori Everson, and Cambria Everson who were at the Grace Lutheran Church mu-sical Venue; And Todd Wagner, a vocalist and entrepreneur, of the Enchante Caberet who performed at the First Presbyterian Church Social HallThis is what the latest band lineup looks like for the Vet Jam to be held at the Bradford