Boy Meets Girl

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<ul><li> I used to be like this... </li> <li> Then I met a girl... </li> <li> She was like this... </li> <li> Together, we were like this... </li> <li> I gave her gifts like this... </li> <li> She accepted my proposal, and I was like this... </li> <li> I used to talk to her all night like this... </li> <li> When my friends saw her, they stared like this... </li> <li> And I used to react like this... </li> <li> But one day someone gave her a red rose like this... </li> <li> And she was like this </li> <li> And I was like this </li> <li> Which later led to this... </li> <li> And this... </li> <li> I felt like doing this... </li> <li> But I started doing this... </li> <li> And finally I was like this... </li> <li> GIRLS!! </li> <li> THE END </li> </ul>