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  • 1. The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison

2. Ideal Image Lupita Nyongo Speech How might this relate to the novel or The Black Beauty Myth? What characters might have similar feelings about appearance? How do we know? 3. Black Beauty Myth Homage to my Hips Clifton Video How do we see these ideas reflected within Morrisons book? 4. Themes Women in poverty Race relations Innocence or Purity Pride Jealousy Sex and Shame Violence With your group, examine your theme. Find two quotes that are relevant to the theme in this section, and explain why this theme is important. Be prepared to discuss. 5. Dick and Jane Why do you think Morison chooses to open each section with words from this primer? What is significant about the blurring of the sentences? How do the words of the primer connect to the section? These primers were educational tools. Who is being educated in this novel, and what is the subject? 6. The Cat How might the cat be symbolic? Why does Pecola like/ notice the cat? Why do you think Juniors mom loves the cat so much? Why is the death of the cat significant? How does this tie in with the other themes of the novel? 7. Perspective We see this section from the point of view of several characters. What does that add to the novel? Though we see Pecola through the eyes of other characters, the story has not been told from her point of view directly. How does this impact the novel? Why would Morrison make this rhetorical choice? We also see groups of people lumped together in sweeping descriptions of characteristics, personalities, behaviors, etc. What purpose does this serve? 8. Blog Reel: Miley Cyrus and Twerking If there's one thing that bothered her about the fallout, it was the idea that her performance was racist, or a "minstrel show," because, critics argued, she appropriated a dance style common in black culture and used black backup dancers like props. "I don't keep my producers or dancers around 'cause it makes me look cool," she says. "Those aren't my 'accessories.' They're my homies." Meanwhile, she argues, the idea that she's somehow playing black is absurd. "I'm from one of the wealthiest counties in America," she says. "I know what I am. But I also know what I like to listen to. Look at any 20-year-old white girl right now that's what they're listening to at the club. It's 2013. The gays are getting married, we're all collaborating. I would never think about the color of my dancers, like, 'Ooh, that might be controversial.' What do you mean?" she says with a laugh. "Times are changing. I think there's a generation or two left, and then it's gonna be a whole new world." 9. Find Out More encouraged-by-black-peop-1377352058 body-is-a-white-wonderland/


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