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Blue Star SaviorFrom StarBright GroupEnabling bystanders to save lives!www.BlueStarSavior.com408-916-1990BackgroundAround 400,000 cardiac arrest happen in US per year, with survival rate around 8% (American Red Cross). National average response time for ambulance and first responder is 7 minutesCardiac arrest victims are brain-dead in 4 minutes due to lack of oxygen to the brain. For every bystander participation in helping cardiac arrest victim, the survival rate increases by 30% or more. (American Red Cross)Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can strike victims of all ages and physical condition without any warnings or symptoms.State of the MarketMobile apps to walk you through the CPR process (Mobile First Aid & CPR, Pocket First Aid & CPR, etc.)Good to know and learn on your leisure time, not practical during emergencyPulsePoint from San Ramon and City of San Jose, a broadcast system to all subscribers on any CPR related 911 calls.One-to-many broadcast, similar to listening to police radio channel, no individual call to action PulsePoint

A free CPR "citizen responder" mobile phone application will help save lives through a new partnership between the San Jose Fire Department and El Camino Hospital in California.The PulsePoint app enables members of the public to provide life-saving assistance to victims of sudden cardiac arrest, which causes nearly 1,000 deaths a day in the United States. San Jose is the nation's largest city to utilize PulsePoint's location-aware technology. The app is available for both the iPhone and Android smart phones.App users, who have indicated they are trained in CPR, can be notified if someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency and may require CPR. The app uses sophisticated location-based services to alert citizens in a public place of the need for CPR. The application also directs citizen rescuers to the exact location of the nearest publicly available automated external defibrillator (AED).

Public ReactionLocal First Responders: PulsePoint is a great mobile app to let you know about 911 calls!Other CPR-certified people: PulsePoint is a broadcast service. It broadcasts all 911 calls to everyone, regardless of location. So if you are in PA and there is a 911 call in CA, you get the alert too. Overtime, most people are turning off their alerts from PulsePoint.Summary: PulsePoint is a good broadcast system (one to many). There is no personal call to action from bystanders.Blue Star SaviorPersonally triggered, individually connect.Two-click operation, connecting within 60 seconds to the nearest CPR certified person.All free, but must agree to non-liability agreement

On clicking app launcher icon splash screen is displayed for 3-4sec

If user is downloading the app for first time screen will be displayed after splash to let user choose if he want to be a consumer or a CPR

User can signup as consumer or CPR as per his choice with signup screens Their login is their mobile phone number

User can signup as consumer or CPR with signup screens [LogIn ID = cell phone #] prefilled by app Pop up screen to force accepting of non-liability agreement before registration is accepted

This is what all users should see after one time registrationEmergency screen mode: Options to get help (Connect to the nearest CPR provider)Call 911 (dials 911) and Change settings (takes you to setting page so you can edit it)First 2 buttons get pop up screens with yes or no option before continuing.

How it worksBystander witnesses an emergency, gets out her smart phone and click on Blue Star Savior mobile app.Blue Star obtains geodata of the caller, looks up database of current providers and alerts 10 nearest providers at the same time.First provider to accept the request will be connected to the caller, all other alerts will be cancelled. Caller and provider can either converse on their phone or meet up to provide live help(Future) Both caller and provider will be able to look up nearest AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) to ensure resuscitation of cardiac arrest victims.Confirmation Screen: this screen come up after emergency session is complete. Shows sponsor and grayed out non active AED button which in the future will take viewer to the Automated External Defibrillator Locator Map which will show the nearest 5 AED locations closest to user.

If user has signup as CPR provider then after signup he is sent to this screen.Change schedule: takes CPR provider to set up his/her availability to take requestsView History: Shows all past events listSave settings: Saves picture and info to database

If user has signed up as Bystander, everything else is the same except Change Schedule.

When schedule or change schedule buttons are clicked this page would appear. Check box for active days and fill in times. Then click on or off for active or inactive mode. Hit SET to save settings.Time is 24 hour format.

Call To ActionHelp save a life! Make Blue Star Savior successful by:Educate everyone about this appSign up yourself and anyone you knowProvide inputs and suggestions to make Blue Star Savior a better tool to save lives.Donate or sponsor us! We need resource to make this app available everywhere in North America first, rest of world later. Go to www.BlueStarSavior.comLocal action, worldwide effect!