black holes of risk: systemic risk in the financial sector

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Black Holes of Risk: Systemic Risk in the Financial Sector. William Leiss, O.C., Ph.D., FRSC Haskayne School of Business MGST 797.89 September 24, 2009. William Leiss - Profile. Author/collaborator for 15 books and many essays and reports - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Black Holes of Risk:Systemic Risk in the Financial SectorWilliam Leiss, O.C., Ph.D., FRSCHaskayne School of BusinessMGST 797.89September 24, 2009

    Leiss 2009

  • William Leiss - Profilehttp://www.leiss.cawleiss@uottawa.caAuthor/collaborator for 15 books and many essays and reportsWorking in the field of risk management & risk communication for over 20 yearsPast-president, Royal Society of Canada

    Leiss 2009

  • Books on Risk Issues (1)In 1994 I published Risk and Responsibility, with lengthy case studies in pesticides, Alar and apples and EMF (electric and magnetic fields) risk

    Leiss 2009

  • Books on Risk Issues (2)William Leiss & Douglas Powell and, Mad Cows and Mothers Milk: The Perils of Poor Risk Communication (1997)mad cow disease in the UK, dioxins, hamburger disease (E. coli), silicon breast implants, bovine growth hormone, genetically-engineering food crops and PCBsSecond, enlarged edition December 2004: BSE in North America, Canada and the Kyoto Protocol, genomics risks

    Leiss 2009

  • Books on Risk Issues (3)Professional risk managers in governments and industry often completely misunderstand the nature of the reactions of the public to risks. Then the chamber of risks can turn into a chamber of horrors for business and governments (published 2001)

    Leiss 2009

  • Future RisksA Work of Utopian Fiction Book Two of The HerasagaLike priests, scientists are liable to be misled by the purity of their motives into downplaying the risks inherent in their creations.It is, of course, quite correct for you to allot the relevant priesthood to Niels Bohr. (Albert Einstein to Max Born, 7 September 1944) Book One is Hera, or EmpathyBoth from University of Ottawa Press or Amazon

    Leiss 2009

  • Leiss 2009


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