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2. This shot starts with a slow transition fade from black to a medium shot of a glassglobe. Here the lighting very much goes with the sound of the piano playing. Thissets a calm mood and creates a gothic/depressing atmosphere. 3. Low angle shot shows somebody is playing the piano the tapping of her feet creates arhythmic beat building up to the verse. There is a reference to the piano which followsthe folk convention of presenting instruments. 4. Close-up shot of the artist singing. Whilst she is singing there are cutaway shotsof her walking through a old house where the camera is placed behind hermaking her look like a shadow. This fits in with the conventions of the folk genremainly presenting imagery rather than the artist throughout the narrative. Thissets a narrative for the audience also this shot shows how the character feelsthrough her expressions which amplifies the lyrics Skinny love sets an emotionalmood. 5. The shots here are cut short , so when she enters the room the next shot cuts toher standing inside a dark room. At this point the lyrics are illustrated standing inthe dark. Which yet again suits the codes and conventions of not entirely being adirect narrative as the lyrics start to contradict. 6. Here high key lighting is used where the natural light from outside brightensthe room. A lot of effects are genuinely used in indie/folk genre, i.e slowmotions/patterns etc. 7. Reference to objects for example this cracked mirror where the artist walks over it createsthis surrealism within the music video to portray objects contradicting the word love . Thisfir the codes and conventions of indie/folk as they tend to show a lot of imagery in theirmusic videos. 8. The additional shots like blurry effects of her walking down dark/light hallwayswhere the camera is placed at a low angle behind her build the chorus part as theshots are pretty fast . 9. The ending of the music video has the piano fading out along with the transition fading toblack (music goes with visuals). This time the camera is placed on the left hand side ratherthan the right its almost seems like as though its reversing the story.