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UX Bootcamp @ Microsoft Innovation Center + Botswana Innovation Hub


  • 1. SketchingBIH UI/UX BOOTCAMP / Microsoft Innovation Center @ Botswana Innovation Hub /

2. SketchingSketching is a great tool for anything from ideating anddrawing out a problem, to drafting an interface. Sketching is away to quickly put down ideas and ideate on a design beforecreating something of high fidelity. 3. Dos Donts Make it fast Label the parts ofyour sketch practice Be afraid! 4. Loosen up 5. Look around1. See if you have enough elbow room2. Make sure youre comfy3. Have your supplies within reach4. Let go 6. Why do wesketch? 7. UX WORKSHOP citation 8. THEME TITLEMICROSOFT IDEACAMP UX WORKSHOP citation