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FPO IRCCSCandiolo Cancer Institute (TO)January 28-30, 2019


Course Directors: G. Succo - n. Palestini Honorary President: G. Gasparri

dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we would like to introduce you to this Second Head and Neck Surgery Course, presented entirely in 3D. This powerful technological development in our field, as well as in other fields of surgery, is undoubtedly influencing not so much the surgical procedure itself but the way we perform as surgeons today.

Greater attention to detail, minimal invasiveness, full sharing of all phases of the operation, video tutoring of colleagues in training: these and other aspects represent the everyday reality in many operating rooms. Moreover, what happens in the operating field can now be filmed and reviewed in 4K and 3D technology, i.e. maximum video fidelity coupled with a depth of field that in the past only the first surgeon could have.

Better than Live is a slogan but it also presents a real challenge: its aims are not just filming and showing surgery better than ever before, but also demonstrating how the execution of an operation under the control of 3D monitors can produce a decisive increase in minimally invasive procedures in a short time.

The second Course will be focused on two main topics: robotic head and neck surgery and all types of surgery of thyroid and parathyroid glands. Both are fields in rapid and continuous evolution, where technologic and therapeutic improvements are leading to interest innovations. In particular robotic surgery is opening new frontiers in mini-invasive transoral surgery as well as in open neck surgery, including thyroid surgery.

All types of approach, conventional, mini-invasive, robotic and robotic-like ones will be carried out by the Italian and the International Faculty. The formula is simple: two simultaneous live surgery sessions from the operating rooms, video-sessions with recorded contributions, frontal lectures and tumor board case discussion. In parallel a robotic cadaveric dissection will be carried out by the new revolutionary Da Vinci single port robot. The delegates will be so able to observe the same procedures carried out by Da Vinci xi (live surgery) and Da Vinci single port (cadaveric dissection) assessing relative advantages and disadvantages.

The Faculty is composed of greatly experienced surgeons at a very detailed level.

A warm welcome to them from our scientific community! We hope to see you in Turin next January.

Giovanni Succo nicola Palestini




08.00 09.00 Registration09.00 Course introduction

cappa Room

09.15 12.30 Video sessions in 2d/3d

Robotic Robotic-like Surgery Chairmen: G. Pecorari, R. Sorrentino P. Aluffi Valletti, M. Ansarin, P. Capaccio, E. Crosetti, M. Hinni, C. Holsinger, R. Leemans, S. Magnuson, D. Marchioni, F. Montevecchi, G. Pecorari, R. Pellini, R. Sorrentino, G. Succo, G. Tirelli

Library Room 09.15 11.00 Video sessions in 2d/3d Thyroid Parathyroid Surgery Chairmen: M. Bossotti, T. Pazzaia G. Andry, R. Bellantone, A. Bertolin, M. Bussi, C.R. Cernea, M. De Palma, R. Dosdegani, M. Iacobone, M. Magnani, C. Miani, N. Palestini, M. Testini

11.00 12.30 Round Table Remote-Access Thyroid Surgery Chairmen: M. Testini, G. Giugliano The Transaxillary Approach - M. Piccoli The Face-Lift (Retroauricolar) Approach - D. Hartl Discussants: G. Andry, R. Bellantone, M. Bussi, C.R. Cernea, M. Iacobone, C. Miani, L. Pezzullo

12.45 Lunch

International Forum

14.00 Welcome Address - A. Agnelli, President of FPO IRCCS

Chairmen: R. Albera, G. Gasparri

14.45 15.30 Face to Face Moderator: C. Vicini Multiport vs Single Port Transoral Robotic Surgery: Present and Future - S. Magnuson vs C. Holsinger

MoNdAy, JANuARy 28TH




15.30 16.00 Presenter: G. Spriano Role of the Local Flaps in the Reconstruction After Transoral Surgery M. Hinni

16.00 16.30 Presenter: G. Paludetti The Current Role of Neuromonitoring in Thyroid Surgery: Video Review in 3D - C.R. Cernea

16.30 17.00 Presenter: M. Bussi Differentiate Thyroid Cancer: Gaining Ground Through Continuing and Increasing Multidisciplinary Interaction - G. Andry

17.00 17.30 Presenter: M. Radici Central Neck Dissection for Papillary and Medullary Thyroid Carcinomas: When and How - D. Hartl

17.30 18.00 Presenter: L. Licitra HPV in Head and Neck Cancer: European Perspectives - W. Golusinki

18.00 18.30 Presenter: M. Salizzoni Robotic Assisted Mini-Invasive Esophagectomy - R. van Hillegersberg

18.30 19.00 Presentation of Cases to be Carried out the Day After N. Bonelli, M. Cerutti, A. Caracciolo Final Remarks - P. Nicolai, R. Bellantone

MoNdAy, JANuARy 28TH



09.00 15.30 Live Surgery

OR n 1 Chairmen: M.E. Amasio, L. Tubino Total Thyroidectomy - op. R. Bellantone Neuro-Monitoring During Thyroidectomy - op. G. Dionigi Mini-Invasive Parathyroidectomy - op. N. Palestini Hemi-Thyroidectomy - op. G. Giugliano

OR n 2 Chairmen: F. Montevecchi, P. Aluffi Valletti TORS for Lateral Oropharyngectomy - op. S. Magnuson TORS for OSAS - op. C. Vicini

Cadaver Lab Chairmen: E. Paganelli, M. Ansarin TORS by Da Vinci Single Port for Lateral Oropharyngectomy op. C. Holsinger TORS by Da Vinci Single Port for Base of Tongue - op. C. Holsinger Local Flaps Harvesting and Insetting - op M. Hinni

13.00 13.30 Presenter: P. Ruscito A Video Review of Critical Maneuvers in Transoral Video Assisted Thyroidectomy (TOETVA) - G. Dionigi

14.00 Lunch

cappa Room Chairman: C.F. Gervasio

16.00 16.30 Presenter: M. de Vincentiis A Video Review of Critical Maneuvers in Transoral Robotic Approach to Parapharyngeal Space - M. Ansarin

16.30 17.00 Presenter: C. Grandi Opportunities and Expectations of a H/N Cancer Awareness Campaign: The Make Sense Campaign - R. Leemans

17.00 17.30 Presenter: E. Cassandro The Management of Loco-Regional Advanced Oropharyngeal Cancer: Current Role of TORS - G. Spriano

17.30 18.45 H/N Tumor Board Oropharynx Case presenter: E. Crosetti S. Cirillo, A. Deganello, E. Delmastro, D. Galizia, M. Magnano, M. Merlano, C. Piazza, L. Pignataro




Library Room Thyroid Surgery Chairman: E. Ghigo

16.00 16.15 Presenter: N. Palestini The Role and Impact of Rete Oncologica del Piemonte e Valle dAosta in the Management of Thyroid Cancer: an Overview - O. Bertetto

16.15 16.45 Presenter: A. Camaioni Surgical Strategy for Substernal Goiter - M. Testini

16.45 18.45 Round Table Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma Chairmen: E. Arvat, M. Piemonte Evolution of the Guidelines on Surgical Treatment - R. Bellantone Radio-Induced Thyroid Cancers - E. Brignardello Treatment of the Airway Invasion - C. Mossetti Post-Operative Radioiodine Treatment - R. Pellerito Treatment Options for Unresectable Advanced/Recurrent Disease F. Orlandi Discussants: G. Canale, P. Caraci, C.R. Cernea, M. De Palma, D. Hartl, P. Limone, R. Spinato 18.45 19.15 Presentation of Cases to be Carried out the Day After G. Arrigoni, N. Bonelli, P. Guarino

Final Remarks - F. Chiesa, F. Orlandi





09.00 15.00 Live Surgery

OR n 1 Chairmen: F. Raso, V. Ferrero Total Thyroidectomy - op. N. Palestini Total Thyroidectomy - op. M. De Palma Mini-Invasive Parathyroidectomy - op. M. Iacobone Hemi-Thyroidectomy - op. M. Testini

OR n 2 Chairmen: L. Presutti, G. Tortoriello 3Des for Oropharynx - op. G. Succo TORS for Larynx - Hypopharynx - op. M. Ansarin Transaxillary Robotic Thyroidectomy - op. M. Piccoli

Cadaver Lab Chairmen: F. Vico, C. Vicini TORS by Da Vinci Single Port for Laryngeal/Hypopharyngeal Surgery op. C. Holsinger TOUSS for Oropharyngeal/Hypopharyngeal Surgery op. M. Fernandez -Fernandez

14.00 Lunch

cappa Room Chairman: V. Saita

15.00 15.30 Presenter: C.A. Leone Current Role of TOUSS for Management of UADT Tumours M. Fernandez-Fernandez

15.30 16.00 Presenter: M. Barbara The 3Des (3D Esoscopic Surgery): an Useful Training for TORS - G. Succo

16.00 16.30 Presenter: R. Pellini Usefulness of TORS in Treatment De-Intensification for HPV+ Oropharyngeal Cancer - M. Benazzo

16.30 17.30 H/N Tumor Board Larynx Case presenters: G. Succo, A. Manca M. Airoldi, I. Bertotto, A. Cavalot, P. Gabriele, G. Peretti, R. Puxeddu, G. Rizzotto





Library Room Parathyroid Surgery Chairman: E. Arvat

15.00 16.00 Round Table Primary Hyperparathyroidism Chairmen: P. Pisani, F. Orlandi Biochemical Diagnosis and Indications to Surgical Treatment A. Piovesan Preoperative Localization Tests - D. Deandreis Targeted Exeresis vs Bilateral Exploration - M. De Palma Intraoperative PTH Assessment - G. Mengozzi Persistent and Recurrent Primary Hyperparathyroidism - R. Bellantone Parathyroid Carcinoma - M. Iacobone Discussants: M. Bossotti, A. Codegone, M. Freddi, B. Mullineris, L. Pezzullo, R. Rossetto Giaccherino, P. Scapoli

17.00 17.30 Presenter: E. Arvat Surgery for Secondary and Tertiary (Renal) Hyperparathyroidism: Indications and Technique - G. Gasparri Final Remarks G. Cant, E. Ghigo


FacultyInvited Faculty M. Airoldi (Torino)R.