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  • 1. Composing a Picture

2. Format Format means whether a picture is portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal). Portrait Landscape 3. Perspective The perspective of a photo is the angle in which it is taken eye-level, from below, birds-eye view, etc. 4. Foreground Interest Foreground interest is when your main focus is in the foreground of the picture with another object in the background. 5. Converging Lines In this photo, the lines of the corridor and the banister converge into a point. 6. Leading Lines Here, the gaps in the bench form lines that travel towards the bag. 7. Balance The balance here is between the tall building on the right and the sky on the left. 8. Rule of Thirds Here, the subject is on the border between two thirds. 9. Simplicity In this picture, the green background is bare, letting the bag attract the eye. The background isnt cluttered, meaning the subject isnt fighting for attention. 10. Framing The woman here is framed by the wooden post and the bin, while in the photo below, Louise is framed by the table legs.