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2. When we first sat down to plan our video and band profile we decided that we wanted to establish the song as by a kooky indie band.We then chose our band members to fit with this theme. We also chose a style that we wanted to put in the video.Originally we wanted to use a retro effect, to help with a vintage Grease style theme in the video. However, as we changed our storyidea for the video, we decided to get rid of the vintage Grease style, at least mostly. However, we wanted to keep an effect on the video,to give it an indie style. 3. We used a colour motif throughout our work, even ifit was only in bits. We used a slight hazy warmeffect, Teal and Orange, on all our shots in the musicvideo.In addition to the musicvideo, we made a website. Wetried to reflect our bands stylein the continue our motif in ourwebsite, we chose an indie theme;for the background, we used alandscape picture with a hazy colour We also combined these pictures into theeffect over it- a typically indie image. digipack to keep up the indie motif.We used lots of images that we hadedited to also have a similar indieeffect. 4. Another reoccurring image in our products was arecord player. This was to link in with the slightlyretro theme of the band, and the old-school lo-fistyle of the music. A record player was shown at thebeginning of our music player, implying all themusic in the video was played via an old-schoolmethod. The record player was then shown again inour digipack, as the back bit for our CD holder. Thisgave the effect that the album case was a recordplayer, and the actual CD was a record, which againlinked in with the retro theme. Similarly, instead ofcalling our Discography page Discography, wecalled it records, to keep up the idea that ourmusic is retro and played through an old fashionedmusic method.An old DansetteThe record image also links in with the name ofrecord playerour band- the Dansettes, the name of a brandof old record players; This name fittedperfectly with our retro theme. 5. Another reoccurring theme throughout our products was making the band seem accessible and relatable. The band have songs about normal people problems such as Boyfriend, about pining after someone who doesnt like you back.The video is a narrative of the song so through Not un-relatable like somethe video the audience can see herpop starsproblem, and feel sorry for her. They willhopefully also end up liking her as they canrelate to the problem. In the video, both bandmembers are also dressed in an indiestyle, instead of dramatic outfits such that popstars often have in their videos. These clothesmake the band more relatable, its somethinganyone could wear, and as theyre indie, areprobably similar to the clothes that the audiencewould wear. 6. The pictures we took and used for our productsalso served to make the band appearaccessible. They are quite intimate shots, suchas a close up of the singer. They are also takenin normal places, such as a park, rather then ina studio, where only a celebrity would get theirpicture taken. In the digipack, instead of normalserious band photos, we had pictures of the twoof them together having fun, which emphasisesthat theyre friends as well as band mates.We put a fun profile for Zoe and Drakeonto the website, so the audiencecould find out a bit more about theband members, and in turn, feel closerto them. We portrayed thesinger, Zoe, as a lovely person, whichwould make the audience like hereven more. 7. Our main product was our music video. In this we presented the band askooky. The main focus was the singer, Zoe, and she was the only personwhose role in the band was established in the video.The other band member, Drake, featured, but it is not clearthat he is in the band. This shows that although its a band Zoeis clearly the front woman and the focus is more on her. Thisidea is continued in the website and twitter, as there are morepictures of Zoe, although we decided it was fairer to have anequal amount of pictures of them on the digipack, as it showsthey are a band. To continue the indie theme we had chosenfor the band, we gave them indie style clothing. The wearingof indie clothes was also present in the pictures we took andused for the website and the digipack. 8. In order to combine our products welinked them is so that someone finding oneproduct would be made aware of others. We put our music video on the website, on the homepage, and on the videos page. On our website, we also did a link to our The Dansettes twitter page, which similarly had an indie background, and some of the same photos. Our twitter had a link to the website, and to the video on YouTube. We put an image of our digipack into the website so that people could be encouraged to buy it. This also linked the two products together. 9. We also used similar fonts on our digipack and website.This links the texts together and helps them berecognized as side by side products.