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Facebook Ads 101

@KaGrayKathy Gray@polepositionmkg

Facebook Ads 101@PolePositionMkg Hello, this is Kathy Gray, social media marketing strategist for Pole Position Marketing and today were going to be talking about Facebook ad basics. Lets get started. 1

Why Facebook Ads?

@KaGrayKathy Gray@polepositionmkg

Facebook Ads 101@PolePositionMkg Why should your business use Facebook ads?2

Facebook is ubiquitous in everyday life

Why Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads 101@PolePositionMkg Facebook is ubiquitous in everyday life and has the most active user base of all social networks. 70% of Facebook users use the network on a daily basis vs. 36% of users who use Twitter daily. I believe much of this can be attributed to the rise in mobile adoption and Facebook mobile app usage.3

Precise targeting

Want to target male cat lovers who recently visited Hartville?Why Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads 101@PolePositionMkg Facebook advertising can be very precise. Want to target male cat lovers who recently visited Hartville, Ohio? You can do that.4

Facebook ads are cost-effective

Why Facebook Ads?Average Cost Per 1,000 Impressions = $5.94

Facebook Ads 101@PolePositionMkg They are also cost-effective. I took a look at all of our client ad accounts over the last 6 months. The average cost per 1,000 impressions was only $5.94.5

Facebook Ad Targeting & Ad Types

@KaGrayKathy Gray@polepositionmkg

Facebook Ads 101@PolePositionMkg Lets take a look at Facebook Ad Targeting options and ad types.6

Facebook ad targeting

Facebook Ad Types & Targeting

Facebook Ads 101@PolePositionMkg The ad here is a great example of precise targeting. I grew up in the tiny village of Grand Rapids, Ohio. No one makes clothing for Grand Rapids, Ohio. They perfectly targeted this ad to Facebook users who had Grand Rapids, Ohio listed as their hometown. I didnt buy one, but I did share it with friends who also grew in Grand Rapids.

Facebook allows you to create saved audiences in Facebook Ads Manager. This should be your first step. You can use a combination of demographics and interests to target a precise audience.

For a super-relevant audience, I recommend creating custom audiences. You can create a Website Custom Audience which will give you a tracking pizel to place on your website. This pixel will then track all visitors to your website and match them to their Facebook user account. You can then target your website visitors directly on Facebook. You can segment those website visitors further by how recently they visited your website, which pages or sections of your website they visited, and by demographics and interests.

You can also create a Custom Audience from your email list. Facebook will match the email addresses in your list to Facebook user accounts and just like website visitors you can filter this audience by demographics and interests.

In addition to creating audiences from interests and demographics, you can also create lookalike audiences. You can create a lookalike audience from your Website Custom Audience or Email List Custom Audience. Facebook will then create an audience of the top 1% of Facebook users who are most like your website visitors or email list. This lookalike audience can then be filtered by demographics and interests.

You can also target your page likes directly or exclude them from your other audiences. 7

Advanced interest targeting

Facebook Ad Types & Targeting

Facebook Ads 101@PolePositionMkg Heres an example of advanced interest targeting. If we want to target male cat lovers who recently visited Hartville, we could filter Facebook users by those interested in the Cat Fanciers Association or American Cat Fanciers Association. Look at magazines, other business, or associations your target customers have an interest in. The more specific you can get, the more successful your ad will be. 8

Dont use the easy button!Facebook Ad Types & Targeting


Facebook Ads 101@PolePositionMkg Whatever you do, dont use the easy button. This is a common mistake many businesses make. They click boost post and then click on friends of page likes. Thats how I received the following ad in my timeline. I live in Ohio. Im surely not looking for a grand duplex in St. Louis, Ohio. Im friends with someone who likes his page and he just wasted money by targeting friends of page likes and not narrowing that group of people further. 9

Use Ads Manager, Business Manager, or Power Editor

Facebook Ad Types & Targeting

Facebook Ads 101@PolePositionMkg If youre not going to use the easy button, what should you use? You have three different options.10

Facebook ad objectives: Boost your posts

Facebook Ad Types & Targeting

Facebook Ads 101@PolePositionMkg Now were going to look at the most common ad types businesses use, with this being the most common. Boost your posts. This essentially does the same thing as the boost post button, however you can get more detailed with your ad targeting. This ad objective takes a post youve published on your page and promotes it to the audience you create or select.


Facebook ad objectives: Send people to your website

Facebook Ad Types & Targeting

Facebook Ads 101@PolePositionMkg Next is the objective of send people to your website or website clicks. It looks very similar to a boosted post, however the website click ad is an ad, not a post that has been first published on your business page. Website click ads have a better conversion rate than boosted posts when sending people to your website. One feature the website click ad has that a boosted post doesnt is the call-to-action button. You can choose from Shop Now, Book Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Download, Watch More, contact Us, Apply Now and Donate Now.12

Facebook ad objectives: Get people to claim your offer

Facebook Ad Types & Targeting

Facebook Ads 101@PolePositionMkg Facebook offers can be a great way to encourage the immediate sale or increase foot traffic in a retail location through Facebook. You can outline the terms of your offer, set an expiration date, and even set the maximum number of offers that can be claimed. 13

Facebook ad objectives: Promote your page

Facebook Ad Types & Targeting

Facebook Ads 101@PolePositionMkg This is a popular, but tricky ad option and one that you need to be careful with. If building you fan base through ads you need to do so in a highly targeted manner. You dont want to be paying for fair-weather fans. Typically we only recommend clients target website visitors (filtered by demographics and interests) or their email lists (filtered by demographics and interests). Its better to have 100 high-quality fans than 1,000 people who may never buy anything from your brand. 14

ResourcesHow to Create Custom Audiences:

Facebook Ads Tutorials:

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Facebook Ads Blog:

Facebook Ads 101@PolePositionMkg This was a really quick introduction to Facebook ads. Here are a few resources to learn more. The first three are resources from Facebook. The last is my favorite Facebook Ads blog. Jon Loomer shares fantastic information and advice that is always spot-on. 15

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