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With Mental Workout, you can secure a strong position as mindfulness meditation goes mainstream.


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2. With the many proven benefits of mindfulnessmeditation, everyone should meditateReduces pain andenhances theimmune systemReduces feelings ofdepression, anxiety,anger, and confusionIncreases bloodflow and slowsheart rateProvides a senseof calm, peace,and balanceImproves focus andconcentrationBoosts energy Reduces stressHelps reverseheart diseaseSources:,, and ineedmotivation. 3. Experts and studies agree that mindfulness meditationcan help improve our health, wellbeing, and performanceBuilding mind-fitness with mindfulness trainingmay help anyone who must maintain peakperformance in the face of extremely stressfulcircumstances, from first responders, reliefworkers and trauma surgeons, to professionaland Olympic athletes.- Associate Professor Amishi Jha, University of MiamiFor the first time we have shown thereis actually a neurological reason for doingmindfulness meditation. Our findings areconsistent with what mindfulnessmeditation teachers have taught forthousands of years.- David Creswell, Ph.D., University of CaliforniaOur findings indicate that a shorttraining program in mindfulnessmeditation has demonstrable effectson brain and immune function.- Professor Richard Davidson, University of WisconsinIts fascinating to see the brains plasticity andthat, by practicing meditation, we can play anactive role in changing the brain and can increaseour well-being and quality of life.- Brita Holzel, Ph.D., Harvard Medical SchoolThe simple process of focusing on the breathin a relaxed manner, in a way that teaches youto regulate your emotions by raising onesawareness of mental processes as theyrehappening, is like working out a bicep, but youare doing it to your brain.- Fadel Zeidan, Ph.D., University of North CarolinaProductivity rests on focusedhuman attention.- Jermey Hunter, Ph.D., professor atDrucker School on executive management and MBA 4. Mental Workouts Mindfulness Meditation app wasthe first of its kind and was recently updated 5. The new version is seamlessly available on iPhone, Android,and the web, and is for both novices and current practitioners6 guided meditationsGuided meditations of varyinglengths, from 5 to 40 minutes8-week planDaily activities help you establishand maintain a regular practice8 talksInspirational talks on integratingmindfulness in everyday lifeMeditation instructionsTips for optimizing your practice,from sitting position to breathingBody scansReconnect with your body bybringing mindful awarenessRelaxation exercisesExercises for relaxing yourbody and opening your heartLearn more on 6. The program is so much more than a book or app!Designed bya top expertGrounded inscienceMobile andweb accessAutomaticupgradesTime-zoneadjusted alertsAvailableofflineSyncs betweendevicesPuts the userin controlAdapts toindividual needs 7. Mr. Bodians narrative was thorough, relaxingand well pitched for a meditation novice like me.The most convenient method was[Mental Workouts] Mindfulness Meditation. 8. Feedback from our MindfulnessMeditation users is excellentFirst time users love the appI highly recommend this app for any beginners tomeditation. Exactly what I was looking for. The voiceis soothing and I know how long my session lasts. Ilove this App. Thank you so much for this, it's mucheasier to meditate with a little guidance. The guideis soothing and clearly knows what he's doing. It hasbeen invaluable to me as I have worked my way upfrom 5 to 20 minutes of mindful contemplation. Thisapp is worth 10 times the price. I love the voice andthe fact that I can choose from 5-40 minutemeditations. Just enough talk to keep you on focus.Very relaxing. Great and simple app for someonetrying to start meditating. The guided meditationsare great. There are several lengths to choose fromso you can work your way from 5 min to much longerpractice sessions. The guided meditations arewonderful. The meditations are very good forbeginners (like myself). Short of finding your ownpersonal meditation teacher, it's the best intro tomindfulness I've found. If you're like me and havetried meditating on your own and feel like you'veachieved nothing (or just kept falling asleep!), this isa great tool. This app is the key to learning howto meditate.Experienced users love the appThis app is a great introduction but is also valuablefor serious students of mindfulness. Have triedmany meditation apps but none have been worthusing. Highly recommend it!! This is my favoritemeditation app so far. I look forward to my time withthis App. I have found that the five minute sessionwas ideal to use on the train on the way to work or onbuses as it give the perfect balance between thedemands of life. Just like massage makes knots goaway. Very helpful if you have a short break or if yourise with the sun. I can predictably expect to feelthe knots in my stomach unwind. The bestmeditation app I've tried There's also lots ofinstructions that you can listen to outside of theguided meditations. I truly enjoy it. There are nobetter apps out there. I use the relaxation segmentevery night before bed to wind down so it's basicallypaid for itself. Really enjoy this app. Love this app -I use it every time I meditate. This app really helpsyou to find your inner peace and make you more awareof your thoughts by just allowing them to come andgo. If you are doing, or want to learn mindfulnessmeditation, buy this app. I have been using this appfor quite a while and have found it suits my needsperfectly. I use the relaxation exercise every night!Users love the apps user-friendly designI can tell that a lot of thought was put into this app.It is very polished and simple, yet fully functional. Iwasn't really sure where to start with meditation,but this app takes you by the hand. I appreciatethe gentle reminders that it's normal to let yourmind drift while helping you stay grounded. The UI isexcellent and is very aesthetically pleasing. This apphelps guide you in a way to train yourself to knowwhat to do. It's clean and simple, and the speaker'svoice is deep and beautiful to listen to. I highlyrecommend it. Great guidance, tips and all roundusability. Good voice, good structure, more choices,simple, easy-to-use and stylish design. This simpleyet effective app makes my negative feelings likestress vanish. Now, I finally feel like I know what toconcentrate upon. I love this app! This app hashelpful informative checklists and guides to helpthose seeking a path to mindfulness. This app isextraordinary. The Best. Simple to use. Use iteveryday. Excellent and simple app. Very relaxingafter a stressful day. This teacher on the app isexcellent and he's been in the field a long time. 9. Our 2012 customer survey revealed extremelyhigh satisfaction and willingness to recommendCouldnt bebetterBetter thanexpectedGood DisappointingHaventtriedPlease rate each of the featuresMindfulness meditations 17.3% 44.6% 34.5% 1.4% 2.2%Relaxation exercise 13% 30.4% 32.6% 2.9% 21%Guide to meditation 11.7% 32.8% 38% 5.8% 11.7%Would you recommend this app to a friend who is interested in meditation?Response percentYes 97.1%No 2.9%Sources: August 2012 survey of Mindfulness Meditation users 10. Weve developed the program with Stephan BodianStephan Bodian is a world-renowned meditationteacher, psychotherapist, and mindfulness consultant.Mr. Bodian is the bestselling author of Meditation ForDummies as well as the author of Wake Up Now: AGuide to the Journey of Spiritual Awakening, publishedby McGraw-Hill. Mr. Bodian began practicing Zen in 1970after studying Asian language and culture at Columbiaand Stanford. Ordained a Zen priest in 1974, he trainedwith several Zen masters and directed the trainingprogram at the Zen Center of Los Angeles. He alsopracticed with several Tibetan Buddhist teachers andspent 10 years studying Indian nondualism with JeanKlein. Mr. Bodian is the former editor-in-chief of themagazine Yoga Journal, a contributing editor of Tricycle:The Buddhist Review, and has authored many articles onmeditation and related themes that have appeared innumerous national magazines. 11. Mental Workout also offers other programs- all available from within one appAvailable programs Upcoming programs 12. Together we have the potential to change peopleslives in a new, engaging, and highly accessible wayBundle the programwith your owncomplementaryproducts and servicesOffer Mental WorkoutsMindfulness Meditationprogram to yourbusiness customers ordirect-to-consumers+ 13. With Mental Workout, you can secure a strong positionas mindfulness meditation goes mainstreamMental Workout YouNew featuresmatchingevolving marketneedsMulti-devicetechnologyplatformBest-sellingMindfulnessMeditationprogramDistributionchannelExclusiveagreement withtop-rankedexpertValue-addedproducts andservicesEnhancing your position as a forward-thinkingpartner and status as a mobile pioneer 14. Mindfulness Meditation is easy to implement with yourbusiness customers and easy to access for their employees- No IT involvement required- Cost-effective implementation- Employees can get started right away- They can access at home, at work, or on the go! 15. We also offer packaging and promotional materialsif you operate a store and sell to individualsAcrylic display with program Floor banner Poster Flyer 16. Complementary tools like our group facilitation kitcan increase uptake and engagementApp!Mindfulness Meditation LIVEGroup facilitation guide / April 2014Group facilitation manual PosterShhh.Mindfulnessin progress.Door sign 17. You can track engagement in real-time withoutinfringing on the privacy of end-usersPut indeni computerskaerm 18. We can customize the welcomemessage with a logo and videoWere delighted you have decided toaccept the challenge, and we hope theMindfulness Meditation program willsuppor