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Poison Anti Aging ClinicWe understand that the human body has the incredible ability to repair itself. Even after undergoing surgery, the body works to heal itself when the wound is closed.

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We identify the underlying problems that are preventing the body from healing and identify deficiencies and hormonal balances. Our goal is to identify these problems and help your body repair itself. We also assist patients who are interested in fine tuning and maintaining their health and vitality in an effort to pursue an anti-aging strategy.What purpose does the doctor serve?

Anti Pimple TherapyFace RejuvenationSkin PolishingEye Glow TherapyPermanent CosmeticsBeauty TreatmentsAt Poison Skin Clinic

A deeper levelskin polishing& brightening in combination with glycolic peels evens pigmentation and reduces acne scarring. At poison, the professional counsel and analyzes the medical history in order to customize the treatment as per the individual requirement.Anti Pimple Therapy

Face rejuvenation tones the face and fades signs of aging skin. Rebuilds tonicity in the skin by stimulating and promoting collagen and elastin production giving the skin a more youthful look. Today, medical skincare programs are available to address the specific needs of aging people.Face Rejuvenation

Skin polishing removes the dead surface skin cells to improve texture softness, and brightness of the skin. Stimulates collagen and elastin production and reduces the appearances of large pores.Skin Polishing

A combination of various specialized therapies and procedures. It refreshes, retone's and revitalizes the skin around the eyes to give an overall refreshing look to the eyes.Eye Glow Therapy

Wake up with make-up, and go throughout your busy day without reapplying cosmetics. Permanent cosmetics is the ideal solution for women of all ages who want to look their best and enhance their professional image.Permanent Cosmetics

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