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Patsanstha SoftwareAutomatic Interest CalculationProfit and Loss StatementMonthly Income SchemeShares and DividendRecurring DepositPigmy SystemDaily Deposit Fixed DepositGold Loan

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NBFC Software

Main BenefitsManage AccountingManage CustomerManage BranchManage AgentManage RDFDManage LoanManage MISManage Admin Panel

+91 9765988588

Sahakari Bank SoftwareSaving AccountFixed Deposit AccountDaily Deposit SchemesDividend DeclarationsCheque Book SystemsGeneral Accounting ModuleCurrent AccountRecurring DepositMonthly Income SchemesLoan Operations SystemsBond Printing SystemsPassbook Systems

+91 9765988588

Banking Software

Term DepositCash TransactionShare AccountingLoans and AdvancesOperational AccountsStanding InstructionsMembership Management

+91 9765988588

Credit Co-operative Society SoftwareSaving Account Current Account Fixed Deposit Account Recurring Deposit Daily Deposit Schemes Monthly Income Schemes Dividend Declarations Loan Operations Systems Cheque Book Systems Passbook Systems Bond Printing Systems

Email:- 9765988588, +91 9886461360


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