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  • 1. HOMEABOUTGIVEAWAYSMEDIA KIT CONTACT USSTORE DEALSBROWSEFROM EDITORARTICLES FASHION FOODHOMEFINANCEMOTORING MOVIESMUSIC REFLECTIONS TRAVELFITNESS Previous Post Next Post NEVER MISS ANOTHER ARTICLE Balcony Gardens 1 New City MagazineJune 30, 2012HOME, JULY 2012 Edition LIKE - FOLLOW - SUBSCRIBEConnect on Facebook913 FansFollow on Twitter55 FollowersSubscribe to RSS Feed Today we are going to look at decorating your balcony gardens. The reason for this is simple, over 68% of people in NSW are now living in high rise or low rise buildings. This means fewer Australians are enjoying FIND US ON FACEBOOK backyards, and swapping them for cold utilitarian, I use it only for my smoker friends, balconies.New City Magazine on FacebookLike You like this. 914 people like New City Magazine.M agzN ikkiS tev eLidiaF endyBrett H ow ard Widy a M attV iroshF acebook social plugin Lets talk about how we can zhuzh it up. If you dont know what zhuzh means, look it up on and youll know what I mean. ADVERTISING With balcony gardens, you need to first see what kind of drainage you have, if you have an off the ledge design, please make sure all your plants are in pots that can contain them. You do not want to upset your fellow neighbours below. Secondly analyse the space; if you are in a smaller balcony (2m by 4m) then I would suggest layering to make use of empty useful space.

2. Enjoy the convenience of city living, and when it gets a little too much, you know you have a piece of paradisejust outside your door. (JY) ARCHIVEStag1 Select MonthAbout the Author NEW CITY is a "Positive, Healthy & Successful Living" Magazine distributed for FREE in the St George & Sutherland Shire and expanding into Sydney CBD. Twitter - FacebookRelated PostsOne CommentBen 26/07/2012 at 4:14 pm - ReplyWith the emerging of more and more highrises more and more people need to havebalcony gardens to stay sane! LOL Ben recently posted..My Life is a Miracle Part 1Leave A ResponseName (required) Comment bbfkEmail (required) lsalnv@VSDKVL.COMWebsite http://WWW.LSKNKS.COMPost CommentConfirm you are NOT a spammer 3. RECENT POSTSPHOTOS FROM FLICKRRECENT TWEETS RECENT COMMENTSDep r essio n Ram p ant Capture memories in this stunningBen on Balcony GardensPr o b lem o f To d ay28x20cm hard leather-boundphotobook for just $35! (70%OFF) New City Magazine on Toyota 86 CoupeJune 30, 20120 Review yo t a 86 Co u p e ReviewHas anyone tried Momofuku? How was Sammie on Toyota 86 Coupe ReviewJune 30, 20122your experience? planning to get married soon? Refreshing Ideas on PROJECT DECORBu d g et Talk: The c o w ar d s u id e t o financ ial Simply a MUST for small and medium Jake Salvatore on WHY MARRIAGE?m ar r iag esized businesses... Tickets are onlyJune 30, 20120$97!!! CLICK HERE >>> me on TwitterCopyright 2011 - Boulevard. All rights reserved.Created by ThemeSector, Powered by WordPress. Back to Top