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PowerPoint Presentation Author: dylan weems Created Date: 6/6/2019 4:57:41 PM

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  • Back in 2006…

  • “To create energetic and

    inclusive communities

    with the arts at the


    Our Vision…

  • Bringing people together

  • By Bringing People Together we are …

    • Getting it Right For Every Family

    • Reducing Health Inequalities

    • Reduced Social Isolation & Loneliness

    • Increasing Positive Mental Health and Physical Wellbeing

    • Reducing poverty

    • Reducing reoffending and exclusion rates

    • Raising Aspiration

  • #Folk

  • Bringing Generations Together

    Musical Generations Gie It Laldy

    Dance for Parkinson’s

  • Enterprise

  • Dignified Food Provision

  • Catalyst in HMP Kilmarnock

  • Catalyst in the Community

  • Connect

  • Family & Friends Hub @ HMP


  • It’s easier to build strong children than to

    rebuild broken men.

    Frederick Douglass

  • Connect &


  • Bringing People Together!

  • The Future…

  • It takes a Village…

    Opening in Kilmarnock

    April 2020.

    Come and visit anytime…!