Baby Room Decorating Creating a Nursery Safari

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  • Baby Room Decorating Creating a Nursery Safari

    Using the safari theme for a nursery is a fun and practical way of decorating either a baby boy orgirl nursery. The colorful animals, the bright colors and the huge range of baby bedding and roomdecorations available in this theme make baby room decorating easy and fun. Whether parentsdecide to go all the way and recreate a scene out of Jungle Book or adopt a George of the Jungle lookfor the baby bedding and accessories, the baby room will look cute, welcoming and colorful.

    Here are some baby room decorating ideas for creating a safari-themed nursery.


    Deciding on a Budget for the Nursery Safari

    The first thing that parents should do is decide on the budget. Once there is an upper limit fixed forspending on wallpaper, paint, baby room decorations, baby furniture and bedding, it will becomeeasier to draft a shopping list and identify places that stock the safari-themed dcor items within aparticular budget. Budget shoppers should scout discount sales and online sites for best deals.

    Wall Decorating Ideas for a Nursery Jungle

    Walls of the nursery can be either painted, wallpapered or decorated with stick-ons and animalfigurines. Online stores such as will give parents wanting to recreate the safari in thenursery hundreds of options to choose from. Since a safari nursery is unisex and ageless in itsappeal, choose colors and wallpapers that will suit a toddler and a young child's tastes as well.Anything that is overly bright or crowded with animals could be irritating for an overtired baby ortoddler.

    A good approach domain cash generator is to use pale,soothing colors for the walls and border them with safari orjungle- themed wallpaper. Using murals, paintings or decalswill also be a good idea as long as it is not overdone.

    Using the Safari Theme for Baby Room Decorations andBedding

    Once the wallpaper and paint have been decided, it is timefor parents to move on to the more fun aspect of nursery

    decorating - choosing and buying baby room decorations, bedding and accessories. Check out storessuch as Babies R Us or even to find baby rugs, crib mobiles, blankets, quilts and bedlinen in the safari theme. Also, toy stores will have plenty of safari and jungle animal plush toys to fillup the nursery and add that dash of color and life. Do keep the decided budget in mind whileshopping since it does become easy to overspend and splurge.

    More Nursery Decorating Ideas and Tips

  • While putting together a baby nursery may seem daunting, it is really quite easy and immense fun.Here are some more tips on decorating a baby nursery and creating a room that will soothe andwelcome baby.

    Talking to other parents who have decorated a nursery using safari dcor could help to find moreideas, tips and resources.Megan Connelly suggests making small changes that don't cost much toadd a cozy, welcoming look to the nursery. For instance, for the safari dcor, get animal-shapedknobs for the dresser.Another important tip from Katina Z. Jones is to measure the room'sdimensions before buying furniture so one has a clear idea of what will fit.Make sure everything thatis in the baby's nursery is safe for baby with no sharp edges, rough corners or lead paintUsing safaridcor to decorate a baby's room can bring in color and liveliness and is also, easy to put together. Douse these suggestions and tips to create a wonderful yet comfortable and soothing baby room for thenewest member of the family. For more on decorating a nursery and buying for baby, do read Howto Buy Baby Bedding and Furniture, How to Organize a Baby Closet and Kids' Bathroom Dcor Tips.


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