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    Avangate eCommerce Manager

    Grow Online Sales Globally Self-Service, Fully Configurable,

    Fast Time to Market

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    Avangate eCommerce Manager

    Avangate offers the leading digital commerce platform that lets you sell online quickly. As a customer, you will benefit from a rich set of features that let you transact at every customer touchpoint, introduce new business models such as subscriptions, and reach your target audience globally - all in one seamless solution with rapid setup and cloud scalability.

    With advanced product catalogs, instant price configurations, hosted PCI compliant store fronts/ subscribe pages, license and subscription management, recurring revenue management, business intelligence reporting and flexible APIs, Avangate is the only multi-channel, multi-model integrated ecommerce platform that can grow with your business worldwide.

    The Only eCommerce Solution You’ll Ever Need

    eCommerce Channels Affiliates Avangate Commerce Platform GlobalPayments Merchant Services

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    Avangate eCommerce Manager

    Feature Overview

    Store Management Create and manage your online stores, integrate your website and import products. Optimize ordering, shopping carts and the customer experience, all from one simple interface.

    Marketing and Sales Tools Boost your sales with marketing tools such as lead management, merchandising(cross- and up-selling, promotions, coupon management, etc.), multivariate testing, customizable automated notifications, email marketing tools, affiliate platform and network, site builder and shopping cart templates. Leverage proactive subscription enrollment to increase renewals and generate additional revenue. Decrease churn and prevent recurring revenue from "leaking" by converting cancellations into continued subscriptions. Turn threats into opportunities by capturing your customers' feedback at the point of cancellation. Customize email structure and themes to reflect your brand identity and grow your conversion, retention and click-through rates.


    Flexible Ordering Platform Capture orders across touch points with easy external ordering systems integration. Optimize your checkout experience through flexible shopping cart templates, multiple checkout flows, mobile shopping cart interfaces and multiple URL parameter support. Take advantage of IP-based geo-location, intelligent payment routing, online and offline payment methods and multi-currency management. Avangate handles Sales Tax and VAT while adhering to the highest standard of PCI DSS compliance.

    Subscription Billing Create subscription plans, manage the software lifecycle, automate payments of customer invoices, handle recurring billings and receive and reconcile revenues. Recover lost revenue through advanced Revenue Recovery Tools.

    eCommerce Channels Affiliates Avangate Commerce Platform GlobalPayments Merchant Services

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    Avangate eCommerce Manager

    Global Shopper Support Quickly set up your selling programs to accept global payments. Rich, out-of-the-box features include support for more than 130 currencies, 30 languages and 45+ payment methods. Multiple payment processors and intelligent payment routing eliminate the need to choose payment gateways and regional processors. The auto account updater service and integrated retry engine will help you reduce churn and lock in recurring revenue streams from the start. And with Avangate's international and secure infrastructure, you won't have to worry about VAT and tax handling, or risk and fraud.

    Reporting and Analytics Monitor and improve sales, customer relationships and marketing campaigns with our reporting tools, including sales reports, marketing reports, executive reports and subscription metrics. Beyond tens of standard reports, you’ll have access to actionable dashboards, audit logs, a custom reporting engine for unique business insights, forecasts and automated scheduling in a variety of formats.

    Digital and Physical Delivery Optimize your delivery for any software model (ESD, SaaS, cloud services, free or paid trials, lifetime licenses or subscriptions). Increase average order value through on-demand back-up media or download insurance. Complete order, payment and customer lifecycle management.

    Customer Support Our Customer Support team is available 24/7 via email and phone support for fraud checking, advanced order recovery, follow-up services, and any payment related inquiries.

    Vendor Support Email, live chat and phone support whenever you need it.


    eCommerce Channels Affiliates Avangate Commerce Platform GlobalPayments Merchant Services

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    Avangate eCommerce Manager

    eCommerce Channels Affiliates Avangate Commerce Platform GlobalPayments Merchant Services

    Get going fast with centralized administrative control and well-defined integration with your software, SaaS or cloud computing business.

    Employ setup wizards, templates and self-service controls (e.g. instant pricing, product catalog, marketing tools, recurring billing options and distribution channels settings, payment method management).

    Quickly integrate with legacy systems, as well as CRM, Finance and ERP systems.

    Easily customize, localize and optimize your go-to-market strategies, and gain insight via real-time customer reports.

    Build online shops, in-app buying and marketplaces, branded and localized at all touch points.

    Accelerate New Products to Market

    What's in it for you?

    Avangate’s rich self-service tools and easy integration and setup will help get you up and running in a matter of days.

    Easily create new products, packages and bundles with templates and/or the bulk import of product plan definitions

    Support all business models - subscriptions, trial, freemium, etc. - across your self-service touch points with our flexible platform engineered for ecommerce.

    Enable Easy Commerce with Advanced Shopping Carts, Product Catalogs and Pricing

    Configurable instant pricing, customizable ordering pages and comprehensive product catalog management are designed to increase conversions across all channels and improve customer retention rates.


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    Avangate eCommerce Manager

    eCommerce Channels Affiliates Avangate Commerce Platform GlobalPayments Merchant Services

    Centralize and share pricing across partners with affiliate and channel-specific product catalogs and pricing lists.

    Localize and optimize the checkout experience with configurable pricing and flexible checkout interfaces.

    Track and maximize conversions with multiple shopping cart templates and purchase flows, web analytics and multivariate testing tools.

    Extend your touch points with device-agnostic mobile shopping carts.

    Boost conversions with multi-currency capabilities with more than 130 currencies, over 30 languages and 45+ payment methods.

    Adapt to customers’ locations - with automatic Geo-IP detection, which provides for a relevant buying experience with local prices, languages, currencies and payment methods.

    Create regional pricing for specific markets to improve conversions.

    Automate compliance with tax/VAT and local regulations as part of the integrated solution

    Empower end customers for self-service with the Avangate MyAccount.

    Expand Your Global Reach

    Avangate’s advanced and adaptive technology enables you to sell products in over 100 countries by providing your customers with a localized buying experience.



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    Avangate eCommerce Manager

    eCommerce Channels Affiliates Avangate Commerce Platform GlobalPayments Merchant Services

    Understand your business and customer behavior through sophisticated A/B testing tools, integrated web analytics solutions and built-in customizable reporting engine.

    Drive increased sales through our campaign management tools, including advanced promotions, coupon & discounts, cross- and up-selling, cross-vendor selling, bundling, abandoned cart recovery,subscription tools like upgrades/downgrades, trials and much more.

    Extend your marketing reach across the world by using the design tools and templates to consistently brand your stores, shopping carts and mobile extensions. Use the Email Editor to customize email structure and themes to reflect your brand identity and grow your conversion, retention and click-through rates across all markets.

    Improve Conversions with Advanced Marketing Tools

    Empower your ecommerce teams to sell more with eCommerce’s powerful marketing tools.

    Easily manage the software lifecycle with the powerful entitlement engine, from downloads to signups; license key management and fulfillment to activation, support, upgrades and renewals.

    Receive, reconcile and manage recurring subscription billing, with dunning, credit card error and update handling and built in retry mechanisms to reduce customer churn.

    Automate payments of invoices for customers supporting both credit cards and PO payments, and full financial reconciliation to back-office financial/ERP applications.

    Automate Fulfillment, Billing and Payments

    Reduce the time and resources you put into your business operations by letting Avangate do the heavy-lifting.


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