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Austria - Hardly any other country is associated with the term “culture” as much as Austria is. Although its former imperial power now belongs to the past, Austria is still one of the world’s leading cultural nations.The variety of cultural events all year round - from classical and contemporary music to theatre, architecture and the fine arts - gives you a great variety of events to choose from to give your holiday that cultural touch!


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    ViennAExplore the sights of Austrias beautiful Baroque capital, Vienna, which for centuries was the centre of the splendid Habsburg Empire. The city remains infused with the grand imperial spirit in the form of magnificent palaces and grand mansions surrounding the Innere Stadt. The citys cultural heritage is mainly musical, the great composers like Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn, Mozart, Schubert and Strauss all having lived and performed here. Vienna is a city of music, but it is also synonymous with gourmet fare, cakes, coffee, the Vienna Boys Choir and the Lippizzaner stallions at the world-famous Spanish Riding School. Vienna is a captivating capital that blends Italian romanticism with a Germanic orderliness.


    sAlZBurGUntil 1816 Salzburg was a city-state, independent of the Habsburgs and ruled by powerful prince-archbishops. It is situated on the northern border of Austria, 70 miles (113km) southeast of Munich, in a picturesque setting surrounded by mountains. Mozart was born here and the citys fascination with its most-famous son is best demonstrated during the Salzburg Festival which presents world-class performances of opera, drama and concerts over a period of six weeks each summer. Mozarts impression has been left all over the town - his image is on every postcard and chocolate box and both his birthplace and family house are now museums offering detailed insight into his life and work.

    The city is also the home town of Baroque and the south side of the river is a Baroque masterpiece of charming churches, squares, houses and fountains.

    innsBruck became the capital of Tyrol in 1429 and in the 15th century the city became a centre of European politics and culture as emperor Maximilian I moved the Imperial court to Innsbruck in the 1490s. Many old buildings from the middle ages and modern times survived in the heart of Innsbrucks old town. Innsbruck has also hosted the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976. There are two universities and several colleges in Innsbruck, with over 25,000 students altogether, (including a significant Italian population) making the citys nightlife very lively.

    austrian holidays: Holidays on Location touring brand.

    austria is full of music, mountains and memories of its imperial past. You will find magnificent scenery around every corner vineyards, ancient castles and abbeys overlooking the River Danube, wooded hills rising out of lush farmlands, lakes dotted with sailboats and ringed by soaring mountains, alpine peaks and their icy world of glaciers reaching for the sky!

    You are surrounded by history and can even trace events dating back to the Romans, Charlemagne, Emperor Maximilian, the Turks, the Swedes in the Thirty Years War, Empress Maria Theresa, Napoleon and Emperor Franz Joseph.

    Music: Dancers at a Viennese Ball, Mountains: Hallstatt by the lake, Memories: Horse-drawn sleigh ride Fuschlsee Tourismus GMBH

    Philharmonic Ball, Vienna

    Hand-painted Austrian signs

    Enjoying Innsbrucks natural beauty

    Mozarts Residence, Salzburg Innsbruck

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    Late 8 AD

    Charlemagne, King of the Franks, rules Austria

    Early 10 Magyars overrun Austria955 Otto I of Germany defeats

    the Magyars and Austria comes under German rule

    962 Otto I crowned Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire

    976 Otto I gives NE Austria to the Babenburg family

    1192 King Richard the Lion-hearted captured in Vienna on his return from the Third Crusade

    1242 The last Babenburg duke dies without an heir. King Ottokar of Bohemia gains control of Austria

    1278 Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf I of the Habsburgs defeats King Ottokar

    1282 Rudolf invests his two sons in the Duchies of Austria and Styria setting the foundation for 600 years of dynastic rule by the Habsburgs

    1498 Vienna Boys Choir founded by Emperor Maximilian I

    1618 The Protestants in Bohemia revolt against the Catholic Habsburgs starting the 30 Years War

    1648 The Peace of Westphalia ends the 30 Years War making Catholicism the official religion of Austria

    1683 Ottoman army defeated at the siege of Vienna

    1686 Austria takes Hungary from the Turks and annexes the country. Habsburgs to rule Hungary until 1918

    1701-14 War of Spanish succession between Austria and France. Austria wins Belgium and Spains Italian lands.

    1739 Austria signs the Treaty of Belgrade after losing the city to the Turks

    1740 Maria Theresa becomes ruler of Austria, Hungary & Bohemia

    1756 Mozart born

    1756-63 The 7 Years War. France, Russia, Austria, Saxony, Sweden and Spain against Britain, Prussia and Hanover.

    1762 The Mozart family move to Vienna from Salzburg

    1764 Archduke Jozef crowns himself Roman Catholic King

    1778 The Faculty of Law established at Uni. of Graz

    1782 University of Innsbruck changed to a Lyceum with four departments

    1791 Mozart dies in Vienna1795 Beethoven debuts as a

    pianist in Vienna1797 Composer Franz Schubert

    born in Lichtental1798 Piber Stud Farm begins

    breeding Lippizaner horses1815 Napoleon is defeated

    1827 Beethoven dies in Vienna1828 Franz Schubert dies in Vienna1867 Dual monarchy of Austria-

    Hungary established

    1889 Apr 26. Ludwig Wittgenstein is born (d.1951)

    1891 Daniel Swarovski invents a machine to cut crystal stones to resemble faceted diamonds

    1914-18 Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated, leading to the First World War

    1918 Nov 12. Austria becomes a Republic

    1934 Jul 25. Nazi coup in Vienna1938 Mar 12.

    Germany invades Austria1955 Sep 21. Last allied occupying

    troops leave Austria1956 Austria provides aid to nearly

    200,000 Hungarians fleeing their homeland after Soviet tanks crush freedom fighters

    1964 Winter Olympics held at Innsbruck

    1976 Winter Olympics again held in Innsbruck

    1986-92 Kurt Waldheim serves as President of Austria

    1989 Jul 16. Conductor Herbert von Karajan dies

    1989 Zita, the last Habsburg Empress dies

    1995 Austria joins the European Union



    austRIaMajor cities of Austria 2Timeline & Provincial Capitals 3-5

    VIenna Vienna Classics 6Vienna for all Seasons at the Hotel Kaiserhof 7Vienna Value Pack 8Vienna - The City of Dreams 9Vienna in Style 10-11Design your view at the Do & Co Vienna 12Vienna Accommodation 13-15Vienna Boys Choir Concert / Mass 16Schnbrunn Palace Orchestra Concert 16Vienna Mozart Orchestra 17Day tours in and around Vienna 18Intercity Day Tours from Vienna 18Vienna Entertainment Packages 19Vienna Transport 19

    salzbuRgTraditional Salzburg City Stay 20Salzburg Music & Mountains 20Day Tours in and around Salzburg 21Salzburg Accommodation 22-23Salzburg Summer & Winter in Style 23Christmas in Salzburg 24New Year in Salzburg 24Salzburg Winter Experiences 25Deer Feeding 25Horse-drawn Sleigh Ride 25Salzburg Entertainment Packages 25

    unIQue toWns oF austRIaHallstatt Experience - Package 26Graz - Accommodation 26Innsbruck - Accommodation 27

    austRIan RaIl touRsAustrian Rail Adventure 28Austrian Rail Highlights 28

    otheR austRIan touRsCycling Tours 29

    pan euRopeczech RepublIc - pRagueSmall Charming Hotels 30Prague City Stay 30Prague at Leisure 30Taste of Prague 30Day Tours from Prague 31Prague Accommodation 31

    hungaRY - budapestBudapest City Stay 32Budapest at Leisure 32Day Touring from Budapest 32Budapest Transport 32Budapest Accommodation 33Day Tours from Budapest 33

    bookIng condItIons 34-35

    Front Cover: A hackney carriage in front of Hofburg Palace,Vienna; Back Cover: Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg


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    hotel FeatuRe sYMbolsAir-conditioned rooms

    Facilities for disabled persons

    Located close to a railway station

    Located within 15 km of the Old Town

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    BreGenZCapital of Voralberg Population ca. 29,000

    The town of Bregenz is located on the Bodensee (Lake Constance) close to the four-border corner of Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Bregenz was the military fort and base of trade known as Brigantinum. The Upper town district is the oldest, with buildings from the 13th through to the 16th century. In this part of town you can still find parts of the original fortifying town walls.

    Must see: The biggest cultural event is the Bregenz Festival in the summer, with operas and plays, held on a stage built on the Bodensee itself.

    klAGenfurtCapital of CarinthiaPop. ca. 92,000

    Today, Klagenfurt is a modern, cosmopolitan city with 15 partner towns, maintained and animated its historic old part of town (three times awarded the Europa Nostra Award) and invested in the future with universities, colleges and the Lakeside Software Park.

    Must see: Boat excursions on the lakes; cultural sites and museums.

    innsBruckCapital of


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