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This is a powerpoint that is about the animals that live on Australia. In this powerpoint you will find videos and fun facts about the animals that live there.


  • 1.Australian animals By Felicia Ferentinos

2. What is a Marsupial A marsupial is a mammal that has their babies in a pouch.KangarooWallabyKoalaTasmanian DevilWombat 3. Meet the animals of Australia Kangaroo Koala Dingo Platypus Wombat The little blue penguin Kookaburra Quokka Gullah Biby Thorny Devil lizard Tasmanian Devil 4. Kangaroo Diet: The kangaroo is a herbivore that means it is a plant eater the food that the kangaroo will normally eat grass, leaves and they will also eat roots to. These animals can swallow their food but they do not chew their food and they will later regurgitate a cud and then they will start to chew their food. The kangaroo do not need a whole lot of water. These animals can go for months without any water and they can even dig up their very own water wells. There are some species that will normally feed at night and the other food that they will eat are grasses and they will normally eat this in anytime of the day that means that they can both eat grass in dawn and dusk. If a day is very cloudy or cold then they will normally feed during the day than. The kangaroo can get a lot of their water from the different types of plants that they eat and that means that they can get their water from different types of grass, shrub, leaves, stems and they can also eat shoots. There are some kangaroos that can go for weeks or months with no water.Habitat: The kangaroo can be found only on the Continent of Australia. The other place where these animals can be found is on this island that is called Tasmania. They can also be found around surround islands. There are so many kangaroos that can be found all over different types of habitats like they can be found in different forests woodlands areas, grassy plains and they can also be found on savannas. They can also be found on New Guinea to.Size/Weight: The kangaroo can be bigger then 2 pounds. The body length of a Kangaroo is about 1 and 1.6 m (3.25-5.25 ft.). The length of their tail is about 1 and 1.6 m (3.25-4 ft.) and they can weight about 25 to 90 kgs (200 lbs.'). The tallest male kangaroo can be bigger than over 6 feet (1.8 meters). The most heaviest weight for a male red kangaroo is 200 pounds (90 kilograms).Life span: A kangaroo can live about 7 to years but it really depends on the types of species though. These Marsupials can also live about 12 to 18 years as well. When these Marsupials are living on their natural habitat than they can live for 6 years and when they are living in a zoo and that means that they are living in captivity and then they can live for 20 years when they are living in a zoo or in a game reserve.Threats : There are so many kangaroos that live in Australia but there are about 20 different species that happen to be the most smallest species these kangrarss are threatened The reason why because people have been pushing these animals far away from their feeding grounds. The other threats that they are dealing with is by domestic animals and people have been doing this by mining , agriculture and interest s. They are also being eaten by other animals like the red fox and the domestic house cat. The bigger species of kangaroo like the red kangaroo they have a much different problem to deal with than the smaller species faces. When they reproduce they do it very fast and that means that their population surveys have to be taken out and the kangaroo that choose . But there are some species that are being helped by scientist and they are studying ways on how to introduce the birth control of an kangaroo. But there are a lot of Australians there are so many that are working very hard to protect the kangaroo and to keep the balance that is between humans and the kangaroo species. Kangaroos are also getting killed for meat and hides. They are also being introduce to different types of domestic animals like sheep, cattle and rabbits. This is a problem because they are taking over the kangaroos feeding areas and they are eating all of their plants and this might cause a food scarcity at any time. 5. Koala Diet: The type of food that the koala likes to eat is these types of leaves that are called eucalyptus even through there are about 600 different types of these leaves that grow on some of the parts of Australia but there are some of them that are not healthy for a koala. There are some koalas that will only eat the leaves but they will only take leaves and they will mostly eat about two or three species of eucalyptus. If the koala does not find the eucalyptus that it wants than the koala will just go hungry for that day. This the reason why that there are only few zoos all over the world that have been doing a good job with exhibiting these marsupials. The food that the koalas like to eat is these leaves that are called eucalyptus and they also like to eat tree bark as well and there are about 12 different types of eucalyptus trees that are all over Australia. The other food that they like to eat is mistletoe and they will also eat box leaves as well. Koalas do not need to drink lots of water that is because they get their water from the food that they eat. Koalas are herbivores that means that they only eat plants and their diet usually goes for eucalyptus leaves that is what there diet mostly consists. There are about 30 different types of eucalyptus trees and the koala will eat the leaves of these types of trees. These animals do not just eat eucalyptus but that is their main food source the other food that they feast on is foliage that they will mostly get from leptospermum acacias and melaleuca. The account of leaves that they eat is 500g (1.1 lbs. ) of leaves that is in a day and they will most eat them in any time of the day but the best time of the day to see them eat is when night comes .Habitat: A long time ago koalas range used to stretch all over the continent of Australia but today these animals can only be found in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and they can also be found in South Australia as well. The koala also likes to live in places that lots of eucalyptus forests coastal island and they can also be found in low woodlands as well. The koala can also live in the eucalypt forests that is in Eastern Australia.. The koala can also live on the southeastern and the eastern part of Australia and the habitats that they live in are Eucalyptus woodlands and forests.Size/weight :The size of these animals are about 2 to 3 feet (60 to 85 centimeters this is how tall they are. The koalas that live in the Northern part of Australia they can weight about 9 to 19 pounds ( 4 to 8.5 kilograms) an the koalas that live in the southern part of Australia is 15 to 29 pounds ( 7 to 13 kilograms). The weight of a male koala is 50 percent more higher than the females. The koalas can grow about 2 feet tall and they can weight about 30 pounds. The body length of an koala is between 63 to 82 cms (26-32 inches. The length of their tails is about 1 to 2 cms (0.4-0.75 inches) and the weight of these animals are about 4 and 15 kgs (8.75 33 lbs).Life span: A koala can live for 10 or 15 years. The koala will live for 15 years when they are in captivity and that means if they are living in a zoo or in a game preserve. All through to all of the mortality rates that will usually last for 17 years or if they are not getting killed by cars or dogs or if they are looking for mate and than their life span will start to go low to 2 or 10 yearsThreats: The koala is in great danger the reason why is because their habitat is getting destroyed. This has happened ever sense settlers came to Australia and the koala has lost about 80 percent of their habitat the reason why their habitats are getting destroyed is because people are cutting down the trees that the koala lives in the reason why people are doing this is because they are trying to make more room for houses, shopping malls, golf courses and roads. There is another reason why the koalas are losing their homes is because the farmers that live there need the rich soil that they get from the Eucalyptus trees and ranchers will also need the rich sail to they will need this so that they can raise their crops and livestock. The farmers and the ranchers will normally cut down very large areas that is in the forest so that they can use the soil that they need to. This is a huge problem that is because if the trees are not growing a lot and that is because the farmers are clearing up their land that is because so that they can grow even more crops and so that they can raise their livestock animals. This is an other reason why the koala is losing their homes is because people are clearing up their land that they need to survive so that they can look for food and so that they can raise their babies. The extinction of mammals that is in Australia is very high than anywhere else that is on the map. A very long time ago the koala disappeared in some parts of the continent that is because their eucalyptus trees are starting to get cut down so that they can make farms. Today the people that live in the Eastern part of the continent are always trying to look out for the koalas. There are going to be some place that are in Australia where the koala can cross sheets so that they can get to their water and so that they can get to their fresh trees as well. There have been signs that will warn people to watch out for these creatures. There are so many people that want to help the koala and want the koala to stay on this plant for a very long period of time. 6. Dingo Diet: The dingo will eat very small mammals and the type of animals that they will eat are rabbits, kangaroos, wallabies, birds, rodents, lizards and they will also eat carrion and if there is no prey animals in the area than they will eat different types of fruit. The dingo will normally hunt by it self but there are sometimes tha


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