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Presentation by Emily Torjussen (Nee Wilkinson) and Guy Wilcox. Showing the practical applications of Augmented Reality (AR) and how this can be a powerful sales tool.



2. 2012 NKO Agency 2 ITINERARY 09:00 - 09:30 Welcome drinks and breakfast bites 09:30 - 10:30 An introduction to Augmented Reality (AR); how it can be used as a powerful sales and marketing tool 10:30 - 11:00 Break and refreshments 11:00 - 12:00 Examples, play and interact, task and summary 12:00 13:00 Everyone is welcome to stay and have a light lunch with us in the beautiful setting 3. 2012 NKO Agency 3 SPEAKERS EMILY TORJUSSEN Associate Director at NKO Agency @ewilko GUY WILCOX Managing Director at Crane 3D @Crane3d 4. 2012 NKO Agency 4 WHAT IS AUGMENTED REALITY Augmented Reality (AR) uses real life objects or scenes to trigger virtual overlays on smartphones, tablets or PCs. It bridges the gap between screens and the real world to create new experiences for brands and their customers. 5. 2012 NKO Agency 5 6. 2012 NKO Agency 6 PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS OF AR 7. 2012 NKO Agency 7 PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS OF AR Help your customers buy with more confidence Put something tangible straight into the hands of your customers Demonstrate project implementation phases before theyve been constructed Offer wider product ranges Increase sales conversions and accelerate the buying process 8. 2012 NKO Agency 8 ARCHITECTUAL & INTERIOR DESIGNTRIMLINE Sales Tool AR & VR Versions Visualise Sell Collaborate Multi-purpose 9. 2012 NKO Agency 9 10. 2012 NKO Agency 10 PRODUCT SALESSHUTTER APP Sales Tool Visualise Choose Purchase 11. 2012 NKO Agency 11 Reading an article Place Tracking Marker Scan with smart phone / tablet Order immediately 12. 2012 NKO Agency 12 13. 2012 NKO Agency 13 14. 2012 NKO Agency 14 MARKETING & ADVERTSING Golden Ticket Loyalty Apps Mixed Media Augmented Reality Advertising 15. 2012 NKO Agency 15 ENTERTAINMENT Facilitate UGC and sharing Record clips and upload to campaign site Brand engagement High levels of interactivity 16. 2012 NKO Agency 16 17. 2012 NKO Agency 17 TYPES OF AUGMENTED REALITY Desktop Mobile Event Location based SLAM technology Eyewear 18. 2012 NKO Agency 18 DESKTOP 19. 2012 NKO Agency 19 MOBILE 20. 2012 NKO Agency 20 EVENT 21. 2012 NKO Agency 21 LOCATION BASED 22. 2012 NKO Agency 22 SLAM 23. 2012 NKO Agency 23 EYEWEAR 24. 2012 NKO Agency 24 BREAK 25. 2012 NKO Agency 25 AUGMENTED REALITY IN USE 26. 2012 NKO Agency 26 DIRECT MAIL Interactive brochures Interior views of site Bridges from print to digital (measure effectiveness) 27. 2012 NKO Agency 27 LYNX EXCITE ANGEL AMBUSH LONDON VICTORIA Leveraging footfall Allowing brand interaction Viral effect / Wow factor Sharable content 28. 2012 NKO Agency 28 GQ MAGAZINEPUBLISHING CROSS PLATFORM Giving print dimension Bridging gap between print and technology Point your mobile at Teblows photo, triggers video commentary by ESPN 29. 2012 NKO Agency 29 BMWMECHANICS 30. 2012 NKO Agency 30 HEADS UP DISPLAYFUTURE OF AR? 31. 2012 NKO Agency 31 INTERACT & PLAY 32. 2012 NKO Agency 32 TASK 33. 2012 NKO Agency 33 TASK What is the nature of your business? What is the product or service you think would be suitable for an AR app? Target audience? Is the product / service exclusive to you? If not, who else sells it? Tell us how AR would revolutionise your business 34. 2012 NKO Agency 34 SUMMARY There are practical applications for AR It allows any advertiser to bring the possibility of purchase closer Mobile usage is high; use GPS to trigger information Use AR to launch intuitive, brand-engaging experiences Put the end-product in the hands of your customer, regardless of the size 35. 2012 NKO Agency 35 THE END Emil Torjussen Guy Wilcox


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