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While it is important to pick the right dress, shoes, veil, and other bridal attire, picking bridal jewelry for your spring wedding should be tops on your list-especially with today's fashion trends changing from season to season and year to year.


  • Attractive & Elegant Spring Wedding Jewelry

    Light and cheerful are the first things that cometo our mind thinking about spring. If you are

    planning for a spring wedding, you need to plan well ahead to make sure that everything from your

    dress to jewelry is perfect. Jewelry featuring delicate details and beautiful designs are a good choice

    for the occasion. Ideally you should look for jewelry that matches your wedding gown. Pearls are a

    very popular choice of jewelry among brides.

    Pastel colors can also be a good choice in spring wedding as they blend in nicely with the bridal

    jewelry. Jewelry in shades of pink, light blue an ideal alternative to the traditional white

    wedding jewelry. The pearls used in these gives them a classic elegance while the color makes them

    more attractive and appealing. Wearing colored Swarovski crystal earrings with a traditional white

    pearl necklace is also a good option.

    It need not be necessarily expensive to find jewelry for your spring wedding. Popular wedding color

    themes for spring are leaning toward wildflowers in bright greens, pinks, yellows, and greens.

    Coordinating jewelry for spring wildflower themes include chokers, teardrop necklaces and earrings,

    crystals of all kinds, and varied styles of both gold and silver combination.

    The traditional high cut necklines are slowly fading out of fashion whereas neck and scooping lower

    necklines are being enhanced by longer necklaces with bright detail, styles, and shades. Before

    making a final decision on your wedding jewelry, consider your theme and colors, to make it a

    perfectly matching and memorable event. While you may wear pink faux pearls and teardrop

    earrings, have your attendants compliment your jewelry style with flower designs in varied colors or

    pick jewelry with a flair for the more dramatic in twisted silver and gold or rhinestones in colors that

    match your theme.

    If you want to give your bridal party their spring wedding jewelry for a gift to wear the day of your

    wedding, it's becoming appropriate to look for styles that don't scream wedding, but instead,

    choosing styles that can be worn for any occasion-even causal. If you do a little research and use

    your imagination, your spring bridal wedding jewelry can be fresh, unique, and remarkably received

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