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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>ATTITUDES TOWARDS INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIPS: Across Generations</p> <p>Diandra TretiuMethodologyTraditionalsLeast Approving</p> <p>All parents of same race</p> <p>Families and Friends wouldnt approve eitherThey honor history and have a high belief in government, therefore sticking to the past beliefs of no interracial relationships. Baby BoomersAlmost Apathetic</p> <p>Not approving either; yet</p> <p>Individualistic culture, more so than Traditionals. They may not have been worried about other relationships since they were focused on pursuing their own personal gratification and thought of themselves as individuals rather than members of a community, as Traditionals didMany strongly disagreed that they felt uncomfortable or had negative thoughts about other races: Fought with other races during the Vietnam war</p> <p>Gen-XSlightly more uncomfortable and having negative thoughts (may be because of more exposure/ higher integration: not increased prejudice)SLIGHTLY more likely than preceding generations to date interracially; still nowhere near MillennialsMillennialsRaised among integration</p> <p>Interracial relationships apart of everyday life</p> <p>Many friends in interracial relationships</p> <p>Can see themselves marrying outside of their race; even if they dont think their families will approve (they dont care)</p> <p>GraphsThis graph shows the interesting variance among the generations for feeling uncomfortable (1= strongly disagree, 4= disagree/neutral) around different races, which I previously analyzed and offered possible explanations for.</p> <p>GraphsThis graph shows how the chance of marrying someone of a different race increases with each generation and is highest among the Millennials.GraphsThis graph shows the gradual increase over generations for agreeing that its acceptable for interracial couples to have interracial children. </p>