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  • Kat Miller is a natural health care practitioner. Kat specializes in energy healing techniques. Kat is founder of the Emotional Freedom vial, Healing Energy Vibrations vial, Flower Energies vial and Rescue Remedy energy vial. Kat also brings a new level of understanding to Switchwords, utilizing them to help restore emotional, physical, karmic and astrological balance. Email:

    Astrology, Switchwords & Energy Healing

    Techniques By

    Kat Miller, USA. witchwords are powerful one‐word affirmations which attract desired experiences, help clear unwanted

    energies and can be used to help ease astrological imbalances, enhancing life experiences. Switchwords were first introduced by James T. Mangan “The Secret of Perfect Living” first published in 1963. Shunyam Nirav brought them back into focus with his book “Switchwords, Easily Gives to You Whatever You Want in Life” in 2006.

    I have spent thousands of hours learning, researching, refining and utilizing Switchwords. I have had many wonderful experiences and successes utilizing reflex muscle testing to create Switchphrases for specific and general situations. I also utilize this technique to find Switchwords and Switchphrases for dealing with astrological events, elements and signs.

    When afflicted by astrological imbalances, Switchwords, simple yet powerful tools, can be utilized to help smooth the experiences.

    A Switchword is a one‐word affirmation that embodies an experience, condition or desired result.



  • Say, sing, think, intend or chant a Switchword like you would a mantra, then relax and follow inner guidance, and watch what happens. You may feel an urge to change your routine. Do it. Something good may be coming your way.

    Switchwords are quick and easy to use, and can be very effective. Chant Switchwords while eating, drinking, bathing or relaxing. Use them for meditating. Use them any way you want, any time you want. There are no restrictions on Switchwords. Switchwords always work for your higher good. At times combining two or more Switchwords into a Switchphrase may increase the power of Switchwords. When you encounter an astrological sign or element that causes a disruption, chant the Switchword and/or Switchphrase listed below for that sign or element.

    For example: To help clear disruptive effects of Mercury:

    1. Chant “ACT.” 2. If the disruption continues, then chant the entire Switchphrase for Mercury:


    A list of Universal Switchwords can be downloaded at:

    Astrological Elements and Switchwords

    witchwords and Switchphrases that may be helpful in quelling effects from astrological elements, element locations and imbalances include:

    Moon: Switchword for all encounters: SHOW Switchphrase for all encounters: ALONE‐POINT‐SLOW‐DUCK‐BE This Switchphrase means: Increase focus on self, find direction, be patient, dispel hypersensitivity and be at peace.

    Mercury: Switchword for all encounters: ACT Switchphrase for all encounters: ACT‐ACT‐DivineORDER‐NEXT‐WHET‐ACT This Switchphrase means: Transition, be a good orator, increase efficiency at this time, hone and finalize transitions.

    Mercury Retro Switchphrases: DIVINE‐ADJUST‐LEARN‐CUT‐SHUT This Switchphrase means: Increase personal ability to create balance, rejuvenate, sever ties and stop looking for trouble.

    DivineORDER: TOGETHER‐ADJUST‐REACH‐NOW This Switchphrase means: Revamp things, become single‐minded, create balance and find solutions to your problems now.




  • This Switchphrase means: Speak clearly, increase comprehension, lighten stress and work miracles.

    You can use any one of these Switchphrases that seems appropriate for your current situation with Mercury Retrograde, or you can use all three at once.

    Venus: Switchword for all encounters: OPEN Switchphrase for all encounters: ATTENTION‐JUDGE‐LIMIT‐WOMB This Switchphrase means: Do detailed work, read and enjoy it, regain control and reconnect with Source.

    Sun: Switchword for all encounters: WOMB Switchphrase for all encounters: DIVINE‐WOMB‐JUDGE‐PHASE‐PRAISE‐ADJUST‐ TOMORROW This Switchphrase means: Increase personal ability to feel secure, increase comprehension, improve situations, be beautiful, handle unpleasant conditions and clear sorrows.

    Mars: Switchword for all encounters: GIVE Switchphrase for all encounters: DivineORDER‐LIMIT‐GIVE‐SWEET This Switchphrase means: Clean up, regain control, be helpful to others and be caring.

    Jupiter: Switchword for all encounters: WHET Switchphrase for all encounters: MOVE‐NEXT‐JUDGE‐GO‐CARE This Switchphrase means: Increase energy, finish lots of meticulous work, increase comprehension, progress and remember what you are doing.

    Saturn: Switchword for all encounters: LISTEN Switchphrase for all encounters: LISTEN‐LEARN‐UP‐MOVE This Switchphrase means: Predict the future, be youthful, release inferiority complexes and clear inertia.

    Saturn in a difficult place: DIVINE‐LIGHT‐ADJUST‐BLUFF This Switchphrase means: Work miracles with inspiration, create comfort and enhance imagination and dreams.

    Rahu (north node of moon): Switchword for all encounters: RESTORE Switchphrase for all encounters: DIVINE‐LIGHT‐RESTORE‐PHASE‐WAIT‐OVER‐ DOWN This Switchphrase means: Multiply intensity, restore fairness, improve situations, learn secrets (you have been wanting to learn), end frustration and clear hypersensitivity.

    Ketu (south node of moon):


  • Switchword for all encounters: WITH Switchphrase for all encounters: POSTPONE‐MAGNANIMITY‐WITH‐DIVINE‐ LIGHT This Switchphrase means: Let go of pettiness, harmonize well with others and brightly focus positivity.

    Astrological Events, etc., and Switchwords

    Switchwords and Switchphrases which may be helpful in dealing with the energy from astrological events include:

    Planetary Attacks: CANCEL‐CLEAR‐CONCEDE‐CONFESS This Switchphrase means: Get rid of negativity, clear anger, stop arguing and end aggression.

    RESTORE‐JUDGE‐FIFTY THREE‐PHASE‐NOW This Switchphrase means: Restore honesty, increase comprehension, pay primary concern, improve the situation and act on good impulse.

    Love Relationship Affected By Astrological Imbalances: DIVINE‐PRAISE‐LOVE‐TOGETHER‐LISTEN‐BETWEEN‐LIGHT This Switchphrase means: Make extraordinary accomplishments in generating, accepting and experiencing love, master the ability to be in touch with self and nature, enhance telepathy and understanding between love partners and lighten the mood.

    Saturn Opposing Venus: JUDGE‐LIMIT‐OPEN‐QUIET‐BE‐MOVE‐CHANGE This Switchphrase means: Increase comprehension, set parameters, allow life to flow as it will, quiet the ego, be at peace and in good health, increase energy and dispel physical and emotional pain.

    Natal Venus Conjunction Transit Mars: CRYSTAL ‐HORSE‐ACT‐NOW This Switchphrase means: Increase self‐love and self‐worth, enhance your speaking ability and act on good impulse.

    Minimize Astrological Malefic Effects: DIVINE‐MAGNANIMITY‐ELATE‐CHARM –NOW This Switchphrase means: Increase personal ability to end pettiness, turn setbacks into triumphs, manifest your heart’s desires and act on good impulse.

    DIVINE‐TOGETHER‐CRYSTAL‐HORSE This Switchphrase means: Work miracles, have it all together and improve your self‐worth and self‐confidence.



  • This Switchphrase means: In an efficient manner, create balance and protection.

    Solar Eclipse: UP‐UP‐UP‐PUT‐FULL‐TOGETHER This Switchphrase means: Be in high spirits, dispel the blues and inferiority complexes, and expand capacity to master any activity.

    Lunar Eclipse: OPEN‐FOR‐THANKS‐BUBBLE‐GUARD‐PRAISE This Switchphrase means: Breathe easier, promote the release of guilt, expand beyond perceived limitations, protect yourself and your property and be beautiful.

    Astrological Signs and Switchwords

    Following are Switchwords and Switchphrases that may be helpful when dealing with astrological signs, whether you were born under the moon sign, sun sign, or are exposed to someone who was:

    Aries Switchword for all encounters: JUDGE Switchphrase for all encounters: FORGIVE‐HORSESHOE‐ JUDGE This Switchphrase means: Eliminate remorse, strengthen your soul and improve comprehension.

    Taurus Switchword for all encounters: ELATE Switchphrase for all encounters: OPEN‐ELATE‐PRAISE‐LISTEN This Switchphrase means: Be tolerating, turn setbacks into uplifts, stop being critical and be in touch with nature and yourself.

    Gemini Switchword for all encounters: FULL Switchphrase for all encounters: TOGETHER‐MOVE‐FULL This Switchphrase means: Become single‐minded, increase pep and expand your capacity for life.

    Cancer Switchword for all encounters: WOMB Switchphrase for all encounters: JUDGE‐GIVE‐GUARD‐WOMB This Switchphrase means: Increase comprehension, help others, maintain protection and be secure with yourself.

    Leo Switchword for all encounters: WITH Switchphrase for all encounters: WITH


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