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  • 1. Design Thinking Action Lab Stanford University Design Challenge: Redefining school-to-work transition Assignment #4: Prototypes Iman Kouvalis August 19, 2013

2. Problem Statement Because there is so much competition in finding a teaching job in Ontario, Canada, graduates need a way to set themselves apart to employers in how they make learning relevant and exciting for students. 3. My Favourite Idea Make a creative video resume with footage of your engaging lessons and students, extraordinary and original lessons and funny clips on how you dealt with anything that came up in the school and post it on your resume website. Showcase studies as well as testimonials from students, parents and teachers. 4. Prototype 1 Create a teachers resume website 5. Prototype 2 Create a teachers video resume 6. Sitemap of website for both prototypes 7. Feedback from teacher Ghazala M. 8. What Worked Definitely original Teachers must have teaching portfolios showcasing their work but principals dont have time to view it all so this is a lot more convenient as a one click via email to their website where they can quickly skim. Testimonials makes a huge impact that no one thinks getting but is easy to get. Blog is a really good idea and shows the principal that they are ahead of the curve in theories, and relevant research. What Could Be Improved Its a lot of work for the graduate so it would only likely be done for that one student who really wants to stand out. (they are super busy during their practicum). Theres a lot of red tape around making a video that the graduate will likely have to go through (i.e. permission needed from principal, teacher associates and parents if students are in the video.) 9. Questions What are the logistics of making the video with regards to getting permission? Ideas Look into photos instead of the video and focus on the testimonials and blog also. (Gauge how flexible your teacher associate is.) Also good to add the lesson plan on your site for that engaging lesson and an observation section to it telling the principal what you can do to make the lesson even more successful. This will show the principal more evidence of the depth of your understanding.