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  • 1. One Blue Cloud presents:librarize, a mobile app for librarysadministration demo-deck

2. OBC businessThe One Blue Cloud business focuses onproviding a mobile platform for speciffic areas:Education Health Government 3. Business Pain and the Business Model PCs will be bypassed by the Mobile to be the most widely accessible meansof computing due to the relative low unit cost of mobile devices and theirwidespread acceptance and use Problem Area: Many business areas where software for administrative or serviceproduction purposes today is developed for and running on PCs will have to beredesigned or reinvented for a new computing paradigm where mobile is the frontend (GUI and local processing) and Cloud computing is the backbone (storage andtasks that demands more processing power) The business model is centered around finding areas where businessapplications can be redesigned/reinvented/made viable for the first for themobile/cloud paradigm and then developing the solutions and serve the newmarkets 4. Business Pain and the Solution (Prototype) Focus on School Administrative Systems/ Pedagogical tools for Schools Problem Area: Control and oversight over school books that are distributed as loans to students atthe beginning of the year and then brought back at the end of the year Prototype makes it possible to check out and check in books to students usingonly a mobile phone with a low-res camera Once book gets scanned, the data, book id, verified student id areautomatically sorted in the cloud and accessible for the school authorities foradministrative and other purposes. 5. SolutionOne blue cloud new solutions for mobile and cloud computing:One blue Cloud will seek to identify areas of the world where the newmobile cloud computing paradigm will have the greatest impact, and thendevelop new and innovative solutions for administrative and serviceproduction purposes.One Blue cloud will build on the strong growth of mobile devices, bothsmart and non-smart phones and other low-cost mobile devices like tablets.Coupled with storage and processing capacity from cloud computing it willallow us to develop new solutions than can be deployed in an extremely cost-effective way, even in countries with developing infrastructures and a lowlevel of computing maturity todayOne blue cloud will first target solutions be monetized in large marketswhere demand is huge, and the standards of living are growing. 6. School Management SuitTestAppCourseAppLibraryAppExtra-ActivitiesAppOne Blue CloudSchool ManagementSystem 7. SummaryLibrarize is part of the School ManagementSystem suite, a system created to modernizeschools administrative tools.Librarize is a mobile app that converts your smartphone into a librarian.This app would make agile the library procedurewhen talking about issuing, returning andsearching for school books. 8. Prototype: presentation Presents theintroduction screen. Names the company(One Blue cloud) andthe product app(Librarize). 9. Prototype: login User login screen:request username andpassword for registeredusers. User id would beprovided by OBCmanagement system andrequested at schooladministration. 10. Prototype: main menuMain functionalities: Issue a book Renew a book issued before. Reserve a book Search for a book. View book status. Help topics. Exit the app. 11. Books can be issued bystudent id or book id. Each book should have aQR code. When issuing a book bybook id, the student can usethe QR scanner of thesmartphone andautomatically fill the box.Prototype: Issue a book 12. Prototype: renew a book With book id the systemvalidates the status of acertain book. When clicking RenewBook button, if thebook isnt reserved,another loan periodwould be granted. 13. Prototype: Return a book Just write or scan thebook id, return the bookto the returning place inthe library and clickReturn Book. The book status, if itisnt reserved wouldchange to available. 14. Prototype: search 15. Prototype: search Search functionallity allows the student to viewbooks status by id, title, student id or studentname. In the case of a unique book id search, only onebook is displayed. Information about status is shown. If loaned,return date is displayed. 16. Prototype: Networking 17. Market Size Target Market: Educational Institutes across the Globe (10 Top Schools per Top 10Cities Per Top 25 Countries totaling to 2500 Schools) Market size = number of buyers in the market (A) xquantity purchased by an average buyer in the market per year (B) xprice of an average unit (C) Number of Buyers (A) - 2500 Schools To target top 100 - 250 schools in each geography (jointly with resellers/partners) Quantity Purchased by an average buyer each year (B) - 1 Module per School License Module for 1st Year Annual Maintenance Contract from 2nd year onwards Price of an average unit (C) - USD 10,000 per school approx. Pricing model based per school OR Pricing model based per user Total Market Size = 2500*1*10000= USD 25,000,000 Target Audience: Schools Colleges Trusts 18. Partnerships We will partner with the following entities for tool adoption Educational bodies (Govt. and Private) Educational Trusts (Public and Private) Public, Private, International and Faith based Schools Colleges (Arts, Commerce, Science, Law, Humanities etc) Parents, Students and Teachers NGOs in the education space We will partner with following entities for tool selling Distributors for every country working with us on our Reselling Model Capable of Demonstrating the solution Finding new opportunities in the market Building Market awareness through events and other channels of marketing Doing proof of concepts at sites to showcase the solution Help with Sales through their extended sales force Providing after sales support 19. Business RisksOperational risks- Security isnt fully developed for mobile/cloud computing- Uncertain how mobile operating systems will develop(standards)- Network infrastructure coverage , reliability anddevelopmentStrategic risks- Competition for new developing markets will be fierce- New technology can change situation 20. Thank You