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  • Charles Wysocki was born in 1928 in Detroit Michigan. From the time he was a little tot, he always wanted to be an artist. His father Charles Sr. was an immigrant from PolandCharles painted his whole life, and up to his death at the age of 73. He died July 29th, 2002 surrounded by family. It was also his 42nd wedding anniversary. He will be sorely missed by many, but his artwork will live on. His gallery will remain open, and there will be lots of new Charles Wysocki products made. My father would have wanted it that way. He is survived by his wife (my mother), Elizabeth, his three children, David, Millie, Matt, and his two grandchildren Emily, and JacksonBy Matt Wysocki

  • Please respect Wysocki art - All rights reserved !And thanks to Shirley From Michigan (USA) who introduce me to this artistHelga


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