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ART FOR SELF DISCOVERY AND HEALING (ASH ). FINAL SUBMISSION THE THINK TANK TEAM MEMBERS: AFRAH ZUBAIR FARAH AFTAB MUNEEB SIDDIQUI. Company Overview. ASH would be an institute whose goal is to help make art and healing one. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>ART FOR SELF DISCOVERY AND HEALING (ASH)</p> <p>ART FOR SELF DISCOVERY AND HEALING(ASH)</p> <p>FINAL SUBMISSION</p> <p>THE THINK TANK </p> <p>TEAM MEMBERS:AFRAH ZUBAIRFARAH AFTABMUNEEB SIDDIQUI</p> <p>Company OverviewASH would be an institute whose goal is to help make art and healing one.ASH would be a center for stress relief using art as its primary medium. Would be located in Karachi, Pakistan</p> <p>Our Moto Art for Life! </p> <p>Vision: To contribute towards a more productive society by providing a medium for fun and stress relief.</p> <p>Mission: To provide art facilities including equipment, guidance and appropriate programs that will engage our customers in activities that will help in stress relief.</p> <p>Strengths and Core CompetenciesA formal training center that would institutionalize the concept of stress relief through art activities.A unique concept which has not yet been tapped into.Flexibility to provide a variety of art facilities to cater to different customer needs. </p> <p>Goals &amp; ObjectivesASH formerly has three goals. Bring together and educate people who havent yet explored art as a medium of stress relief.To provide our customers with a platform to perform variety of art activities. To make these activities a tool for releasing stress and enhancing learning. </p> <p>Our FocusWe are more interested in the art as a healing agent, and the creative process as a primary healing tool.</p> <p>Core OperationsASH will provide membership to interested individuals. A fee of PKR 3000/= would be charged for a six week course. Classes would be held twice a week for 2 hours each.The members can select from a variety of activities and time slots based on their need and interest. ACTIVITIESASH will provide the following art related activities: Arts &amp; CraftsPaintingSculpture &amp; HandworkMusicPhotographyGraphic &amp; Visual DesigningDramaticsDance</p> <p>Benefits of ArtOther than release of stress, these art activities would also facilitate in the process of imparting skills like leadership skills, communication skills, give them the platform to socialize and facilitate in team building process.It is through Art and through Art only that we can realize our perfection; through Art and Art only that we can shield ourselves from the sordid perils of actual existenceOscar Wilde</p> <p>Positive Implications:ASH is a center built to provide people a platform to vent out and release their stress and frustration through various art related activities. Member of ASH center can use various form of art, offered by the center, to express their feelings in the most unique and artistic way. This will enhance their skills and abilities and also facilitate their developmental process. </p> <p>Benefits Of Different Art FormsPainting gives you a medium to channelize your inner thoughts. It helps to cure the illnesses of the society.</p> <p>Photography gives you a path to explore the beauty of the nature. </p> <p>Music is the food for soul. We are also launching music classes in which we make you learn all the possible instruments available through which you can even start up your own music bands Drama is more related to expressing yourself through body language as non-verbal communication is far more important than verbal communicationOverall Benefits?In a nutshell the art activities offered would benefit the society by giving people a constructive way to spend time while also relieving the stress in their lives. Stress it has been noted negatively affects the quality of life of people. Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.George Bernard Shaw</p> <p>How Is The Idea UniqueRecreational activities have all been well catered to by different clubs gyms and societies. But art yet remains to be a mainstream activity done just for the fun of it. ASH combines the two elements of recreation and art to bring an entirely new product to the market.A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperamentOscar Wilde</p> <p>Thank You</p>


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