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Art & Artists of the Renaissance. How did the art & artistic techniques of the Renaissance differ from & improve upon that of the Middle Ages?. Before you begin….. Let’s review how to use images as evidence. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” applies here - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Art & Artists of the Renaissance

Art & Artists of the RenaissanceHow did the art & artistic techniques of the Renaissance differ from & improve upon that of the Middle Ages?Before you begin..Lets review how to use images as evidenceThe saying a picture is worth a thousand words applies hereWhen using an image as evidence describe what can be seen in the imageDescribe colors, styles, details, subject matter, all things observableYou do not need to put these observations in quotation marksI will give you some examples of this and you will get some practice doing this laterWe will begin by looking at some examples of medieval art

My observations:This image uses only basic colors like blue, yellow and red. The image is based upon a religious scene which is evident because the individuals seems to have halos behind their heads and their hands are pressed together like they are praying. The image is very flat looking and the individuals in the image do not look realistic. Their bodies appear very long and very thin which does not look like a realistic person. There are not very many details in this image. The image is largely composed of the praying figures.

Have you made your observations on medieval art thus far?Color, details, topics, perspective, portrayal of the body?Lets take a look at some Renaissance art in comparison to the medieval art we have already seen remember to continue to make your observations using specific details!MedievalWhat differences do you observe?Renaissance

Renaissance art

Have you made all of your observations on Renaissance art?Major characteristics of Renaissance artPerspective was achieved through vanishing points

Three Dimensional Art The technique of shading allowed for 2-dimensional artwork to achieve the allusion of 3-dimensions

Defrosted ArtBy carefully studying the human body and the way in which it moved, artists were able to capture figures in motion

RealismBy reviving classical Greek & Roman styles and techniques, Renaissance artists achieved a high level of realism

HumanismRenaissance thinkers and artists were focused upon people, their individual attributes, and their emotions

The Work of Leonardo Da Vinci

Madonna of the Rocks 1483-1508

The Last Supper 1495-1498

The Mona Lisa1503-1506

The Work of MichelangeloPieta 1498

The Creation of Adam 1511

The Last Judgment 1541

The Sistine Chapel

The Work of RaphaelAlba Madonna 1505

School of Athens 1510

The Work of DonatelloDonatello, David 1428


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