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A look at retirement and preparation for the future.


<ul><li><p>Is social security benefits a thing of the past? Will I find myself working during my senior years?</p><p>Are there more and more individuals re-entering the workforce well after retirement? Is this a sign of what it means to work until you die? Or has the economy just changed so much that seniors who once looked forward to the golden years are now seeing those years as bronze? Every time that you walk into a department store or Walmart, Target and stores alike, you are greeted by what appears to be someone of the retirement age. What happened to being able to build a nest egg so that you are able to relax when you retire? What about saving up for a rainy day? Perhaps, these seniors have noticed and now understand that with the changing economy and reduction in social security benefits, they have to return to work in order to supplement their incomes. So what do you do? You are young. You are vibrant and looking forward to those retirement years. You may have already picked out the location that you are going to live in. Here are a few tips that may help you as you prepare today for the future of retirement. </p><p>1. Sit down with a financial advisor. Begin planning and determine the lifestyle that you would like to live during your senior years. </p><p>2. Begin putting aside money into a retirement account (ie. Roth IRA, 401K, 403B)3. Dont spend your retirement. With so many suffering from financial woes, many </p><p>are going into their retirement accounts hoping to make ends meet. Note that if you spend it all today, there will be nothing for tomorrow.</p><p>4. Think Retirement. As you begin to move further and further in your career, begin thinking about when you no longer wish to work. Put together a timeline and what you would like see happen financially. Invest in your future. </p><p>I dont know about you, but by the time I reach my retirement years, I certainly dont want to be working. So let me find a nice little nest to start keeping track of all my eggs.</p><p>IS RETIREMENT A THING OF THE PAST</p></li></ul>