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Are you looking fora good Inflatable Lounger?

Pocket Couch Provide All Type of Inflatable Lounger

Elevate the excitement in your vacation with inflatable lounger. These are true devices to get relaxation while you are willing to enjoy time in outdoor trips.

Do you sell a patch kit

There is no need for a fancy patch kit. If you rip or tear the outer nylon layer, you can simple sew or tape it closed again. If you puncture the inner layer, then turn the bag inside out, find the hole and patch it with Tuck Tape. Tuck Tape is available at most hardware stores and is designed to hold plastic together.

Will it float?

Absolutely, after all it is a big bag of air. Use caution getting in and out as it will be top heavy and slightly unstable. Once you're in, however, you'll find it's a great way to float and laze the day away. Please do so safely, and only float with supervision. A Pocket Couch is not a water craft, is not intended for use on water and we take no responsibility for your safety.

How long will it stay inflated?

Pocket Couch's inner air tight lining will hold air long enough for a good nap, or even an over night sleep. From time to time it may require a little fluffing. One easy way to increase the firmness is to simply roll the end a bit tighter. You can repeat this until the couch gets to be too short, after which time you will need to add more air.

How durable is it?

The Pocket Couch is extremely durable thanks to its low-pressure design which allows it to mold around most obstacles; setting it on rocks, sticks, and uneven ground is no problem at all. Its two-layer design includes an outer durability layer and an inner airtight layer.

Best Online Store For Inflatable Lounger

It has been said that the key to success is finding the one thing you can be very best at, and focusing on that. Here at Pocket Couch, we are world class loungers, and take our dedication to lounging seriously!

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