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  1. 1. Are you looking for House for Rent in Bangalore Many house owners are looking to lease out property to the institutions or corporate, as well as individuals looking for the houses or flats on rent. However, these owners prefer to provide the rent to the institutions or corporate because these institutions would look for a lease for at least 3 to 5 years, which allows approximately 10-12% increase in the value of the rent year after year. But for individuals, lease lasts for about 11 to 12 months which gives good proposal for the renegotiation. To get the right tenants, house owners place an advertisement regarding their house for rent in Bangalore. Suppose the property is located in certain location which has high-demand value, the value of the rent gets increased. Though the rent is calculated and paid on monthly basis, the mode of payment may vary from one institution to another. If some tenants pay rent for the whole year, some other people may make their payment on a monthly basis. Since the Bangalore city is getting good recognition throughout the world due to the launch of IT companies, foreign companies are outsourcing their projects to the IT companies in Bangalore. Due to which, these companies needed large office space for rent, and the companies engage in searching for good house for sale in Bangalore. Not just companies, but the employees from various parts of India and abroad look at the House for rent in Bangalore. Since they settle in Bangalore, obviously these people will look for the houses or flats to reside in Bangalore. It can be either to own or for rental purpose. Since more numbers of professionals are settling in Bangalore, property builders are planning to increase the projects as per the demand. This has thus, changed the lifestyle of the people residing in Bangalore. Everyone started to make buy or get the house for sale in Bangalore. The pleasant climate and the new opportunities have made them to settle in Bangalore. Hence, almost all areas like JP Nagar, Indira Nagar, BTM Layout, Malleshwaram, Marathahalli, as wekk as Koramangala and many other locations have got a great demand in Bangalore.
  2. 2. With rapid growth of the sectors, Bangalore has been very well known as Silicon City of India. Due to which, apartment for sale in Bangalore are getting more demand even in the international level. Some people from abroad reside in Bangalore either for studies or for the purpose of their career growth. And people look for more luxurious and modernised homes or apartment in Bangalore. Besides getting house on rent, young professionals wish to buy a new house, as they get housing loans more quickly and in easy instalments. This has created more craze in the people residing in Bangalore to go with buying the house or lands instead of staying in a rented house. Since more number of people involve in buying lands, there are less plots available and due to which, people have no other option than buying the flats instead of land or plots.


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