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Are you looking for an alternative dining experience in Dubai?So you live in Dubai and have tried every possible eatery, takeout and restaurant; and are on the lookout for something new a completely different experience. Why not try a dhow dinner cruise? All you need is a partner or a friend and you are good to go.

A dhow dinner cruise in Dubai is a completely different experience when compared to any restaurant on the shore or within Dubai City. This is simply because of the fact you are having your dinner aboard a magnificent floating vessel on Dubais serene waters. What makes the entire experience so different compared to the usual restaurant in the city, are the breath-taking views. Views, which will amaze you and make one wonder in awe about the grandeur of this beautiful city. About how Dubai as it progresses into the future, never forgets its past.As the dinner cruise progresses, one gets a glimpse of all the magnificent landmarks that have made Dubai a global tourist hotspot; putting Dubai on the global travel map. One can also take a peek at Sheikh Mohammeds private residence en route to the Maktoum Bridge. The beautiful views only get better as the creek side buildings are illuminated and bring the cityscape to life; enhancing the buildings details adding more depth to their shapes and features. The view of the creek during the night is a complete contrast to that of the day. What adds to the viewing experience is the calmness of the creeks waters as the bustling city winds down after a long day as the evening turns to night.From the soothing Arabic music in the background and an international dinner buffet, this dining experience aboard a dhow will certainly transport you to another world; giving you an unforgettable dining experience along Dubais majestic waters.

Dhow dinner cruise bookings can be done effortlessly, online from the various tour companies and dinner cruise operators in Dubai.