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Archiving our Social Science Digital History. ECURE 2005 March 1, 2005. Presentation Overview. Background Information The ICPSR Process New Directives. Background. Established in 1962 Membership-based organization, with over 500 member colleges and universities around the world - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Archiving our Social Science Digital History

    ECURE 2005March 1, 2005

  • Presentation OverviewBackground Information

    The ICPSR Process

    New Directives

  • BackgroundEstablished in 1962

    Membership-based organization, with over 500 member colleges and universities around the world

    Encourages and facilitates research and instruction in the social sciences and related areas

  • Background2004-2005 budget approximately $10 million

    Around 100 employees; 40 data-processing staff

    Worlds largest archive of computer-readable social science data

  • ICPSRs MissionAcquire social science data

    Preserve social science data in perpetuity

    Assist with the use of social science data for research

    Assist with the use of social science data for teaching

  • Our data holdings cover a broad range of disciplinesPolitical ScienceHistoryForeign PolicyEconomicsEducation

    Criminal JusticeLawPublic HealthForeign PolicyGerontology

  • Two Kinds of Archival Holdings:General Archive Holdings are funded with member dues and are available only to members

    Special Topic Archives are supported by foundations or federal agencies and are available to all

  • Special Topic Archives:Child Care and Early Education Research Connections

    Health and Medical Care Archive

    International Archive of Education Data

    National Archive of Criminal Justice Data

    National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging

    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Data Archive

  • ConfidentialityConfidentiality review of all contents of the data collection

    Disclosure analysis

    Public Use version vs. Restricted Use version of data

  • Restricted Use DataSeveral dozen data collections

    Restricted Use Agreement

    No copy is stored online or on a file server connected to any network

    Secure Data Enclave

  • Downloading DataImmediate downloads to the users desktop

    Supporting documentation and setups for statistical packages supplied

    Technical support provided

  • Web-based finding aids for resource discovery:Detailed metadata about each collection

    Robust field-specific search capability

    Thesaurus - 4,500+ social science keywords

    Bibliography of data-related publications (over 35,000 citations)

  • Research Directions:Analysis of procedures to limit disclosure risk

    Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) to develop standards for XML markup of social science materials

  • New This YearData for Demographic Research (sponsored by Demographic & Behavioral Sciences Branch @ NICHD)

    Data-PASS (sponsored by the Library of Congress)

  • Data Sharing for Demographic Research Collaboration with:the Carolina Population Center (CPC) the Minnesota Population Center (MPC) Population Studies Center (PSC)

    Supported by the Demographic and Behavioral Sciences Branch of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

  • Data-PASS: The PartnersICPSR

    Roper Center

    Odum Institute

    Murray Center

    Virtual Data Center

    National Archives

  • Data-PASS: The PlanIdentify significant data collections (classic)

    Identify important contemporary data (that are at risk)

    Develop common standards and procedures across partnership

  • For More InformationWebsite:

    Darrell Donakowskidwdonako@icpsr.umich.edu734.615.7664


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