aquaculture of marine shrimp

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Aquaculture of Marine Shrimp. Ana Paula Pego Marine Aquaculture - DISL Dr. Hugh Hammer – Summer 2012. Cultured Marine Shrimp/Taxonomy. Pacific whiteleg shrimp (Pacific white shrimp) Litop enaeus vannamei ( Formally known as Penaeus vannamei ). Cultured Marine Shrimp/Taxonomy. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Aquaculture of Marine Shrimp

Aquaculture of Marine Shrimp

Ana Paula Pego Marine Aquaculture - DISL Dr. Hugh Hammer Summer 2012Cultured Marine Shrimp/Taxonomy

Pacific whiteleg shrimp(Pacific white shrimp)

Litopenaeus vannamei

(Formally known as Penaeus vannamei)

Cultured Marine Shrimp/Taxonomy

Pacific tiger shrimp(giant tiger prawn)

Penaeus monodon

Biology/HabitatBenthic feeders: detritus, bivalves, worms, crustaceansPreferred temperature: Above 20 CPreferred salinity: Between 15-25 pptMaturity: Male 20g, Female 28g (8-10 months app.)Penaeus vannameiPenaeus monodonWHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?WHY? WHY? WHY?


Economic ImportanceWorldwide production: 5.0 million metric tons per yearUS$ 9 billion/yearThe United States import 500,000 tons that account for US$ 3 billion.Price $$$United States Import:2000 US$ 5.00/ lbs.2005 US$ 3-3.50/ lbs.Store:Small US$ 5.00 / 12 oz.Large US$ 8.00Europe 2000 US$8.50/kg small shrimpJapan 2000 US$8.00/kg large shrimp

Main MarketsUnited StatesEurope UnionJapan

These three sites consume more than one third of the consumption of shrimp in the world.Main Countries of Production

SE Asia account for more than 75% of the worlds production (China and Thailand mainly)Latin American account for about 20%In the USA, mainly Texas and South Carolina


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