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<ul><li><p>7/29/2019 Application Form (Summer Scholars)2013</p><p> 1/3</p><p>Candidates No.: _______( For Official Use)</p><p>APPLICATION FORMSUMMER SCHOLARS PROGRAMME</p><p>(University of Notre Dame) 2013</p><p>The completed form is to be emailed BY THURS, 14 MAR 2013, 11 PM,tosandrahandojo@gmail.comalong with required documents (scannedin pdf version).</p><p>Please delete appropriately wherever there is an asterisk [*]. If an item is not applicable, enternot applicable" or "N/A."</p><p>A PERSONAL PARTICULARS</p><p>Name (as in NRIC) : Class: _________</p><p>Country of Birth : City of Birth :</p><p>Citizenship : NRIC No. :</p><p>Sex : Date of Birth : _______________</p><p>Home Address :</p><p>Home Tel No. : Handphone No. :</p><p>Email address :</p><p>Subjects read in JC1 :</p><p>H2 subject taken without O level background: _____________________________________</p><p>B CHOICE OF TRACKS</p><p>Please indicate the preferred track which you would like to participate in (refer to Annex B)</p><p>First Choice:</p><p>Second Choice:</p><p>Please attach arecent</p><p>photograph here</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 Application Form (Summer Scholars)2013</p><p> 2/3</p><p>C ACADEMIC RECORD</p><p>Details of GCE O-level results (or equivalent)</p><p>Total number of subjects taken: _____________</p><p>L1R5:</p><p>No. Subject Grade No. Subject Grade</p><p>1 English 7</p><p>2 Maths 8</p><p>3 9</p><p>4 10</p><p>5 11</p><p>6 12</p><p>* Delete where applicable.</p><p>D ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (ESSAY)</p><p>Essay 1:</p><p>Please share some of your reasons for wanting to participate in the academic track youhave selected as your first choice. In what ways do you feel prepared to contribute to theclass and what you hope to gain from your summer experience at Notre Dame?</p><p>No. of words: ____________________</p><p>Essay 2 (in about 100 words):</p><p>What are the significant experiences or accomplishments you have realized that havehelped define you as a person?</p><p>No. of words: ____________________</p><p>Please submit the following (soft copy):</p><p> Secondary School testimonial,</p><p> Secondary School CCA record,</p><p> GCE O-level Examination results or equivalent, and</p><p> Any other documents which may support your application.</p><p>Please submit ANNEX A in hard copy to your home tutor by THURS, 14 MAR 2013, 5 PM.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 Application Form (Summer Scholars)2013</p><p> 3/3</p><p>ANNEX A</p><p>(To be submitted to your home tutor by THURS, 14 MAR 2013, 5 PM)</p><p>F APPROVAL OF PARENT/GUARDIAN</p><p>I, _______________________________ *parent / guardian of _________________________</p><p>have read the details of the Summer Scholars Programme organised by University of Notre Dame</p><p>(as described in Annex B) and approve my *son/daughter/wards application for participation.</p><p>I have no objection to *his / her participation if *he / she is selected.</p><p>_______________________ _______________________ __________________</p><p>Signature ofParent/Guardian</p><p>Name ofParent/Guardian</p><p>Date</p><p>G RECOMMENDATION BY TUTOR</p><p>I *support / do not support the applicant in his/her application for the Summer Scholars Programmeorganised by University of Notre Dame.</p><p>Remarks:</p><p>Name of Tutor: Signature/Date:</p><p>Tutor, please submit Annex A to Ms. Sandra Handojo by Fri, 15 Mar 2013. Thank you.</p></li></ul>