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1. Desserts Recipes - Apple Strawberry Smoothie Recipe An apple a day keeps the doctor away must be the most familiar health related proverb you should have heard since childhood. Apple has a lot of nutritious benefits. It has zero cholesterol and is a very good source of Vitamin C. Apple combined with Strawberry has to be one of the best smoothie choices you could ever make for your breakfast. Learn this simple recipe and whip up delicious Apple Strawberry Smoothie for your kids.Image Courtesy : stitchedbytheseams Time Chart Preparation Time : 15 minutes Serves : 5 Essential Ingredients Apples : 4 (peeled and chopped) Creamy Milk : 3 cups Fresh Strawberries : 2 cups Vanilla Yogurt : 2 cups Honey : 2 tablespoons Preparation 1. Mix all the ingredients in a blender. 2. Whirl until the mixture becomes 2. 3. Add ice cubes if you want.Image Courtesy : The healthy Apple Strawberry Smoothie is ready to serve. Here is a list of recommended products to make your preparation simple. 1. Celltone Apple Cutter 2. Regan Stainless Steel Juice Strainer - Pipe Handle 3. Oster Mixer Grinder


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