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Ryan BanksAO1 Understanding Photography Landscape

This page is going to be based on landscape photography. Landscape photography involves pictures of large outdoor areas such as oceans, wilderness, forests and mountains. Landscape photography includes 2 of the 3 elements of photography, rule of thirds and leading lines. The photographer Ill be looking at is Charlie Waite, as he is well known for his landscape photography.

Photographic Category:

The photographic category for this image is landscape.


The purpose of taking the photo is mainly to sell the image. Photographers, such as Charlie Waite, take photos and advertise them on websites for people to buy. The images could also be used for backgrounds of advertisement etc. but the photographer would sell them to whoever wanted to use them.

Image Analysis:

Framing The subject for this image would be the vanishing point, the destination of where the leading line is taking us. The subject is placed in the centre of the screen so it catches your attention straight away.

Lighting The lighting for the image is clearly coming from the left hand side, making it look like the sun is rising or going down. You can see this as the shadow from the trees is casting over the pavement from the left.

Narrative The picture is showing a path way doesnt show the final destination, which will make people curious as to where it is going. This image suggests that it could be a path of life/your life and the final destination is still unknown.

Miss-en-scene The setting of the image is a well lit up area and has a lot of bright colours. This could suggest that the image is intended to be a bright, happy image.

Meaning: This image makes the viewer think of a journey, a path leading to some unknown destination. This is because the leading lines make you follow the path but the trees block the destination out, making the viewer think about what the destination could be but the bright colours and the sunshine coming through suggest that it is a happy image and therefore the destination could be something to do with happiness.

AO1 Understanding Photography Landscape

Photographic Category: The photographic category for this image is also landscape.

Purpose: The purpose of the image is also to sell it; this is the same with a majority of photographers. The image could be used for advertisement purposes so the photographer would sell the image to anyone who wants to use it. The image could also have been taken to suggest loneliness and sadness; this is because the tree is all alone on the horizon.

Image Analysis:

Framing The subject for this image would be the lonely tree, which is positioned in the middle of the screen a bit higher up. It is positioned along the horizon so that it catches the attention of the viewer straight away.

Narrative The field in the image has leading lines in it leading up to the tree on its own. This picture suggest loneliness as the tree is lonely and on its own.

Miss-en-scene The setting of the image is in the middle of an empty field. This shows loneliness, as the field is empty except for one tree in the centre.

Meaning The leading lines in the image automatically forces the viewers attention to the tree in the centre. The meaning of this image is to show loneliness and emptiness. You know this as the tree is lonely in the middle of the field and on its own to show the loneliness and the field is empty to suggest the emptiness in the image.