Anger Management - How to Control Your Anger with Self Hypnosis

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Angerwww.thechrysallis.comWhat is Anger ? A strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostilitywww.thechrysallis.comWhy do we get Anger?Is getting angry a natural process?What are the TRIGGERS for anger? www.thechrysallis.comwww.thechrysallis.comwww.thechrysallis.comDoes this happen to you also When Angry? Anger the root-cause of self-destruction When are we Angry? We get Frustrations due to lack of clarity in relationship, purpose, set goals, & visible results Unbalanced team and Underperforming employees Failure due to Market Slowdown, Bad Economic Conditions, & Competition Sustenance The inability to balance life, profession, relationship challenges & health crisisOnce anger is TRIGGERED, it gets into a cycle with NO Do you believe ?www.thechrysallis.comWhat happens if we hold onto our Anger?www.thechrysallis.comBURNED ?Burned with health issues like Blood Pressure Constipation Headaches Diabetes Hair fall Insomnia Pimples Memory loss Tumorswww.thechrysallis.comBURNED ?Burned with relationship issues like Misunderstanding Conflicts at work Detachment with colleagues & business associates Weakened decision making capabilities Bad Parenting Detoriated quality of life www.thechrysallis.comBURNED ?Burned with emotional issues like Fears Lack of Confidence Fear of Loss Building a negative behavioral pattern Pain Guilt Frustration Un-empowered Unhappy BitterAND MANY MOREwww.thechrysallis.comIs It Possible to OVERCOME ANGER ?www.thechrysallis.comAnd the answer isYESwww.thechrysallis.comHOW ???Butwww.thechrysallis.comMany People give suggestions and IdeasBut we give A SOLUTIONPermanent Workable Solution through Coaching and Self Hypnosis HealingDont Take our word for it Download self hypnosis self help audios nowVisit 1 hour Free Coaching Session Experience the benefits of coaching yourself!!www.thechrysallis.comTrust the Benefits of Coaching & Want to help others Achieve Their Dreams Join the ICF & NLP Certified Coaching Your Time to Start Impacting Lives Positively!!www.thechrysallis.comwww.thechrysallis.comwww.thechrysallis.comVision To help YOUmaximize & leverage yourINTELLECTUAL POTENTIALforENLIGHTENED LEADERSHIPthrough a perfect BALANCE OF THE LEFT & RIGHT BRAINSwww.thechrysallis.comThe Chrysallis has successfully empowered people and organizations to Achieve the Best in every stream of lifewww.thechrysallis.comPassion to Empower People It all began with a question in mind, How to give people something that would lead them to be outstanding in their class and achieve the best in life? as Vandana (the Master Coach) deeply wanted people to do the best, she booked a domain sending her intent to the world.www.thechrysallis.comNLP, ICF & Marshall Goldsmith certified Coach Vandana Shah Has Coached over 800 hours and many more trained on Different Skills using understanding of Human Behaviour and NLP technique She has coached people from Leadership Level to a lay man, and helped them achieve outstanding results www.thechrysallis.comwww.thechrysallis.comConnect with us on Social Networkwww.thechrysallis.comThank You!!!