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  • 1. Ancient Theatre Egyptian, Greek, and Roman
  • 2. How do we know history happened? Someone thought it was important enough to write down.
  • 3. First recorded performance Passion Play of Abydos 2500 BCE Ancient Egyptian Myth of Horus Ikhernofret Stela
  • 4. Greek Theatre City Dionysia - 600 BCE Honored the God Dionysus God of Wine
  • 5. Dionysian Festival Started as a singing competition between tribes. Tragos - Goat; Ode - Song (literally Goat Song) Eventually evolved toward play performance competition. Mask of Dionysus
  • 6. Thespis Credited as the first actor. Stepped out the Chorus and began responding to them. As the festival evolved the rules limited the number of actors outside of the chorus.
  • 7. Three Major Tragedians Sophocles - Theban Plays Aeschylus - Agamemnon, Prometheus Bound, Libation Bearers Euripides - Madea, Trojan Woman, Hippolytus Euripides added intrigue to stories
  • 8. Greek comedy Made fun of society. Comes much later than tragedy. Aristophanes - The Clouds, The Birds, Lysistrata
  • 9. Greek Theatre Architecture Usually an outdoor amphitheater.
  • 10. Aristotle Greek Philospher Poetics - Outlined what makes a good story and in turn what makes a good play. Six elements of Drama - Plot, Character, Theme, Language, Rhythm, Spectacle
  • 11. Elements of Drama Plot - The events of a story Character - Persons or things involved in those events Theme - Idea the story represents
  • 12. Elements of Drama Rhythm/Music Language/Diction Spectacle
  • 13. PaperMan
  • 14. Roman Theatre Mostly copied the greeks.
  • 15. Surviving playwrights Terrence - Comic Playwright, Adelphoe(The Brothers) Plautus - Comic Playwright, Manaechmi Seneca - Tragedy, adapted greek tragedies for Roman Audience.
  • 16. A Roman Culture evolved Rome moved from a Republic to an Emperor As this happened their tastes moved from live theatre toward more violent entertainments Bloodsport, gladiators, and Chariot races.


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