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An analysis of two comic covers.


Every Friday is in caps lock to highlight the fact that the comic comes out every Friday. This shows the comic is quite popular and lets people know how often the comic comes out. The intertextual reference is useful for people who read lots of comics. This is because if you buy The Dandy, youll be introduced to other comics like The JakpotThe font is clear and easy to read. Also, the language used, is simple and easy to understand. The yellow writing is bright and stands out which is appealing. Personally, I think the target audience for this comic would be any boy or girl from the ages 7-11. I think this because, children in high school aren't likely to read it but children who have just started to read and write would enjoy it. The plug makes the reader want to open the comic and carry on reading what's inside. The pictures are appropriate for the target audience because little children are attracted to cartoon characters. Also, the names Bananaman and Genie are quite childish. Also, people might me more attracted to the characters inside the comic rather than the main character on the front.There is an issue number but no issue title. The issue number is 3351 which proves the comic is extremely popular. There is no title because it would be hard for a writer to come up with 3351 titles for a comic.

The Masthead is big and bold which will grab the readers attention. The blue fill and purple/yellow outline makes it suitable for male and female audiences.

The panel shows closeups of the main character. This makes the reader aware of what the characters personality is like. The drawing style used is Manga, which appeals to the younger generation. It will grab their attention because they can identitfy the style and would want to buy the comic. Its hard to tell if its a boy or a girl, so it represents unisex, which makes the comic suitable for boys AND girls.

The company name is written across the top to grab peoples attention and make them aware so they can buy more comics from the same company if they enjoy reading spiderman.

The full-bleed image hooks the readers attention to spiderman which makes them want to carry on looking inside the comic.

The masthead is written in 3D writing which stands out as the text is white and there is a dark blue background which is attractive and eye catching. The word Amazing indicates, Spiderman is a hero, which would appeal to teenage boys.

The lightening bolts behind Spiderman shows he can save people in any condition. This makes him seem heroic, and would make teenage boys want to read about him.

There isnt much text on the front of this comic which makes the reader more focused on the image. $2.25 is 1.38 in the UK. I think that its this price because, the comic is for an older target audience which have more money to spend.

The colours used are dark red and dark blue. The used of dark colours make it more mysterious. Blue is a masculine colour which is appropriate for the target audience. The connotations of red are danger and fierceness. This shows parts of Spidermans personality.I think this comic would be suitable for boys from the ages 7-13. I think this because boys that age, like an adventure and want to seem like a man. They might also like the comic if theyve seen the film. The boys who read the comic, want to be heroic and impress their female friends.

The position which Spiderman is in, creates a sense of mystery as he is crouching down and you dont know what move hes going to make next. This makes the target audience want to find out what hes going to do.

Similarities and DifferencesBoth comics have the price and an issue number on the front cover. Its common to have the price on the front cover as its a key bit of information and lets the reader know how much theyre paying for the comic. The issue number allows comic collectors to know what issue theyre reading. The codes like the price, date, issue number etc are key features of any comic. The differences of both comics are the colours used, as the institutions have to make sure the colours are suitable for the target audiences ie- the darker colours used for the Spiderman comic and the bright colours used for the Dandy. Another difference is the different use of fonts.