alternative dispute resolution : providing consumers real effective redress pedro oliveira

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Alternative dispute resolution : providing consumers real effective redress Pedro Oliveira Legal Adviser 3 October 2013, Vilnius Lithuanian Presidency Conference on Consumer Protection . What is BUSINESSEUROPE?. Mission. Purpose. Pillars. Members FIRST Staff: about 50 persons - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Alternative dispute resolution: providing consumers real effective redress

Pedro OliveiraLegal Adviser

3 October 2013, VilniusLithuanian Presidency Conference on Consumer Protection

12What is BUSINESSEUROPE?Influence EU policies to create a business-friendly environmentMembers FIRSTStaff: about 50 personsSupporting network of 57 companies (ASGroup)Alliance for a Competitive European IndustryEuropean Employers NetworkMissionPurposePillarsThe Confederation of European business, representative of more than 20 million small, medium and large companiesA Social PartnerActively promote and represent business in Europe

Advocate a favourable and competitive business environment to foster sustainable economic growth

23EU Single Market Month our flagship

3Effective redress

Important driver of consumer confidence Fundamental for developing Digital Single MarketShared responsibility (public and private entities)Courts are one of the solutions BUT not the only one

44Importance of ADRs

BUSINESSEUROPE strongly supports ADRsIt is about: Giving consumers and businesses an effective way of solving their disputes avoiding confrontationCosts-efficiencyAvoiding unnecessary litigationLitigation is lengthy, complex and expensive

55Room for improvement Huge variety of ADRs existNo single modelPreserving diversity, quality and efficiencyFilling the gaps, in particular in the online environmentRaising awareness

66New ADR Directive (I)Focuses on quality and awarenessNo one-size-fits-all Encourages first contact with traderAccess to justice remains intactPreserves reputation Leaves financing possibilities open

77New ADR Directive (II)Complex but reasonable obligations for tradersLast but not least: voluntary nature is not affected

88New ODR regulation Makes use of existing European tools like ECC-netDoes nor set unrealistic goalsSimplicity and user friendliness are key for businesses too

905/04/20119The future of ADRsAwareness is shared responsability:Authorities, Institutions, Businesses and Consumers Mentality and behaviour change are the biggest challenge1010THANK YOUR ATTENTION

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